1 Page Profits Review – DFY $300 Commissions?

Hey, it’s my 1 Page Profits Review – gets you legit “done for you” $300 commissions or just a 1 Page Profits scam?

1 page profits

1 Page Profits Review – WarriorPlus Money Pages

In my review of 1 Page Profits we will take a quick look at the sales funnel (OTO and Upsell offers) for this new WarriorPlus product launch by Brendan Mace.

1 Page Profits is essentially a system that provides done for you “presell pages” that affiliate marketers can use to promote a number top affiliate programs.

My thoughts on this launch are taken from my own personal experience working from home as a full-time affiliate marketer for the last 8 years = very cool!

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1 Page Profits Review – The Sales Funnel

1 Page Profits OTO and Upsell offers are included as part of the following sales funnel.

1 page profits review

  • 1 Page Profits Front End Money Pages ($12.95) – This gives you a number of “done for you” presell pages to use to promote top affiliate products. These are pages that warm-up your visitors before they click through to the sales page of your offer, and it can help boost sales conversion rates compared to direct linking.
    • There is also training on how to generate free traffic to send to your money pages.
  • OTO #1 ($37) – This is the Platinum Upgrade which gives unlimited use of the software, indicating there is some limit on the number of pages you can use with the basic front end offer.
  • 1 Page Profits OTO #2 ($197) – This lets you integrate a high ticket webinar into your 1 Page Profit money pages for the potential to generate bigger commissions per sale.
  • OTO #3 ($67) – This upgrade is focused at helping the user generate residual income with their promotions. This includes an email marketing swipe series to upload into your autoresponder service.
  • 1 Page Profits Upsell #4 ($197) – This is called “Unlimited Traffic” and lets you put a tracking pixel on the sales pages of Brendan Mace / Jono Armstrong in order to build an audience for retargeting purposes.
  • OTO #5 ($167) – You can get license rights to the program. Meaning after the initial launch period you can get 100% commissions across the entire funnel by promoting this product as an affiliate marketer on WarriorPlus.

1 Page Profits Advantages

In my 1 Page Profits review I want to go over the main things that I like the look of with this software.

  1. Focus on presell (bridge) pages – this is a very effective strategy that top affiliate marketers use. Instead of direct linking to an affiliate sales page, you first go to a presell page which “warms up” the visitor to let them know a bit about the advantages of the product they are about to see on the next page. An effective presell page can mean the difference between getting lots of sales and zero sales in your affiliate promotions.
  2. Free traffic training – they show you how to get free traffic to the pages and don’t just leave you having to figure out how to make use of them for yourself.
  3. Newbie Friendly and Focused – It helps remove distractions for the newbie and gets them focused on simply driving traffic to presell pages, which is a very effective income producing activity to focus on for an online business.
  4. High Ticket Commissions – There is the possibility to integrate high ticket affiliate products and also residual income affiliate programs into the 1 Page Profits software. This can mean more commissions and a higher earnings per click for the traffic you generate.

1 Page Profits Disadvantages

In my review of 1 Page Profits, here are a few things that could be improved upon.

  1. Lack of list building – the focus is on sending traffic to bridge pages without building a list. For newbies, I think it is better to first send visitors to a squeeze page to capture the lead AND THEN to redirect them to your bridge page. List building is perhaps the most profitable task a newbie affiliate marketer can do and I think that should be more of the focus in this strategy. However, lots of people using the 1 Page Profits software will already have an email list and can easily just email out the link to their new money pages.
  2. Aggressive Upsell Sequence – If someone was to purchase every single upsell in the sales funnel it would set them back hundreds of dollars. This is a big expense for the typical newbie to the industry so it would be important for anyone purchasing the upsells to actually make use of them and implement the strategies to get the most value from every single item. If they do that, then the upsells are likely to contain excellent value for action takers.

1 Page Profits Review Summary – Yes or No?

In summary of my 1 Page Profits review, I think the focus on getting users to drive free traffic to affiliate presell pages is an excellent thing to do.

1 Page Profits provides these done-for-you pages so that all you have to do is enter your affiliate ID into the members area for the software, and you are good to go to start driving traffic.

The people who will get the best results with this system are those that already have an email list and can just send out broadcast emails to their money pages and get instant traffic and sales with it.

For newbies with no email list, I think it would be a good idea to first create your own squeeze page to send traffic to before then diverting the visitor to your money pages.

All in all, it looks like a cool offering that they have put together with this WarriorPlus launch and is likely to provide a big conversion rate boost compared to just direct linking to affiliate sales pages.

Thanks for checking out my thoughts on 1 Page Profits!

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