12 Minute Affiliate (2020) Bridge Pages for Presell Purposes

Hiya, let’s talk about 12 Minute Affiliate Bridge Pages for presell purposes in 2020, plus some other cool features.

The 12 Minute Affiliate Marketing system provides a set of “done for you” pages that make up your affiliate marketing sales funnel:

  • Lead Capture Pages (squeeze pages)
  • Bridge (presell) Pages

12 Minute Affiliate squeeze pages (lead capture pages) are simple 1 page forms that ask your visitor for their email address in exchange for discovering out what your recommended system, method or product is.

After entering in their email address (and being added to your Aweber list for an automated autoresponder sequence that Devon Brown has written for you) the visitor is redirected to your 12 Minute Affiliate Bridge Page.

The purpose of the bridge page is to “presell” the visitor before you send them onto a sales page.

12 Minute Affiliate (2020) marketing system presell pages include simple bullet points to get your visitors more excited and receptive to the offer you are about to show them, and this will boost conversions compared to direct linking to an affiliate offer.

I hope my quick thoughts about Devon Brown’s The 12 Minute Affiliate system were of help to you!

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