123 Profit by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton (My Review)

Welcome to my 123 Profit review.

My name is Adam from Web Traffic Toolkit, and I work from home doing digital marketing as a full-time income. I’ve been doing this for ten years. In this review, I will talk about the CPA business model that is being taught in the 123 Profit course.

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123 Profit Review

This 123 Profit course is about CPA marketing, which is a way to generate leads and get paid for online lead generation without having to sell any products.

I will also share some tips and tricks that I would personally integrate into this business model to get more variety in traffic and conversions.

It’s worth noting that the 123 Profit product hasn’t been launched yet, so this review is based on the information provided on the JV page.

123 Profit CPA Marketing Training

The page mentions that the course is about CPA marketing, which is a different niche than most other online business models.

Most product launches teach you to build an email list and promote affiliate offers (with Rapid Profits), do ecommerce marketing with your own Amazon store (see Ryze Automation), or sell products in the internet marketing niche.

123 Profit is different in that it teaches you about CPA marketing and lead generation for companies outside of the internet marketing and make money online industry. This is also known as CPL marketing, or cost per lead marketing, where you get paid for generating leads. These leads can be free and may not require a credit card or purchase to be considered a qualified, interested lead.

CPL Marketing With 123 Profit

You can earn decent money without requiring customers to purchase a product.

What I really like about this business model is that it operates outside of the make money online industry. CPA and CPL offers can pay a few dollars per lead when someone enters their email address on a squeeze page.

However, higher level CPL marketing can pay up to $100 for a lead that fills out a long form application for a service, such as skincare or insurance. There are many online products and services that charge a lot of money and are willing to pay decent commissions for leads, such as online psychology help or rehab services.

This means you can earn $100 just for generating a lead, even if the customer doesn’t make a purchase.

123 Profit Course Review

This course, called 123 Profit, teaches you how to find and promote high ticket products through CPA marketing networks, create landing pages and sales funnels, and drive traffic to these pages through paid advertising platforms like Facebook.

This way, you can quickly generate money through paid traffic rather than waiting for organic traffic.

Summary Of 123 Profit Review

In summary, CPA (cost per action) marketing involves promoting free lead generation offers through affiliate networks or creating landing pages and driving paid traffic to them.

This is a different approach from traditional make money online courses that often involve reselling affiliate programs as part of a business opportunity.

Another option is to do free SEO marketing by creating a blog or website around the same product area as the lead generation and supplementing it with paid advertising. To maximize CPA marketing, it’s helpful to use a variety of traffic sources and see which works best for you.

One effective strategy is to focus on driving traffic, building an email list, and promoting high-paying affiliate products to that list. By building an email list, you can send emails to get reliable clicks to offers and, when combined with high-quality products, see conversions and reliable income.

Ultimately, the key is to enjoy the process of getting traffic and leads and not worry too much about sales conversions right away.

Thanks for stopping by my review of 123 Profit.

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