14 Day Challenge System Review (DMM System Legit?)

In my review of 14 Day Challenge System I will look this digital millionaire funnel at DmmSystem.com – is it a legit business?

As part of this 14 Day Challenge System review of DMM System (Digital Millionaire) I will look at how the front end to this sales funnel works, what you get with the product, and my thoughts on the home based business industry in general.

I work from home doing internet marketing and have been doing so for around 7 years now. Lots of these type of systems come and go so I thought I would give you my thoughts on the Digital Millionaire / DMM System.

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14 Day Challenge System Review

14 Day Challenge System is a company that delivers education as well as tools and software in the internet marketing and network marketing / home based business industry.

14 day champion challengeThe sales page for the Digital Millionaire System (DMM System .com) is CPA affiliate offer that funnels customers to the products and services of 14 Day Champion Challenge on the backend.

CPA offers are a popular way for companies and product vendors to generate new clients.

Instead of the company having to run their own paid advertising campaigns to generate their own clients (although they might well be doing that as well), they go to affiliate networks and ask them to refer them new clients via traffic from affiliate marketers.

In exchange of a new customer being generated, the company will then pay a nice upfront CPA commissions that is actually higher that the cost of the product itself.

For example, an offer may pay a $80 commission for selling a $47 product.

The company can afford to pay more in commissions that the front end sale, because they know with the backend higher ticket products they will make more than that over the lifetime of the customer.

14 Day Challenge System Products

Let’s look at the products as pat of this 14 Day Challenge System review.

For the initial front end product you get a number of online video training sessions with top coaches in the field of online entrepreneurship and internet marketing.

They seem to focus on every aspect of doing well in a home business.

This includes training on sales funnels, mindset, marketing, communication, business planning and more.

So it is so much more than learning 1 or 2 advertising “tactics”. It is a complete, well rounded introduction to this exciting industry, taught by top 7-figure earners.

14 Day Challenge High Ticket Products

14 Day Challenge System has backend higher ticket products that customers can also purchase if they would like more advanced training and more hands on help in building their business.

So the initial 14 Day Challenge that you get from the Digital Millionaire System at DMM System .com, is for the introduction training to the industry.

The higher ticket upgrades delve much deeper into exactly how to grow your business step-by-step.

It looks like quite high level training for those wanting to be able to sell top tier products in their own online direct sales business.

This training is delivered in the form of online webinars, video modules, personal coaching and seminars etc.

It are these high level products that some customers will buy that will enable to system owners to be able to pay affiliate marketers more money upfront than the initial product sale is worth.

DMM System Testimonials – Real Digital Millionaire Reviews?

Are the testimonials on the DMM System website real? Are they from people who have gone through the Digital Millionaire system sales process and actually used the 14 Day Challenge System products?

It was obvious to me that these were testimonials from real customers who have actually used the products and are genuinely happy with the coaching they have received.

Lots of these type of affiliate sales page use fake looking reviews from paid actors on websites such as fiverr.com.

Those fake testimonials are easy to spot because they are clearly reading from a script and often make outlandish income claims in a very hyped-up way.

But the reviews for the 14 Day Challenge system were very natural and certainly looked like they were from real customers delivering their honest feedback.

The videos were very professionally shot and in high definition. Sometimes that professional approach looks fake to me as though it as an actor in their home green screen studio.

But in this case it was clear that the company had gone through the effort to hire a production company to record these testimonials in professional manner to use in their marketing efforts.

Summary Of DMM System and 14 Day Challenge Review

One last thing to mention in this review of 14 Day Champion Challenge is that there does also seem to be an optional direct sales business opportunity attached to this program.

So customers may well be presented with the opportunity to promote the products and services of the company in return for commissions.

Due to the high level nature of the training, it provides people the chance to get involved with having their own high ticket product suite to start selling via their marketing.

In closing, whilst the DMM System video has a bit of hype in it to try and close the front end product sell right away, it does seem like a real company that customers as part of the product funnel.

The product is step-by-step training on how to get your own home based business up and running in the online direct sales industry.

It is taught by successful 7-figure earners who are well known in the industry so a great chance to learn from the best.

Also, the web funnels and marketing tools aspect of it will help people get a sales funnel setup that they can use to start generating leads with online and closing sales for top level products.

Driving traffic into sales funnels to promote digital products is what I have found works really well in the industry and the main activity to focus on for fast and consistent results.

Thanks for stopping by my review!

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