24-7 Wealth Club Review – $13,127/week Scam?

My 24-7 Wealth Club review will see if you can make $13,127 per week with this Clickbank system or is it a 247wealthclub.com scam?

Not sure about a 24-7 Wealth Club scam, as these systems do tend to provide some training that can be of benefit to newbies.

However, the way that this program is presented is very vague and hyped-up so I am not convinced this is the best way to get involved in the online business opportunity world.

Inside this review I will take a look at the 24/7 Wealth Club system so readers can make up their own minds about whether it is worth giving a go or not.

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24-7 Wealth Club Review

24-7 Wealth Club is a Clickbank product that is supposed to teach the user how to make money in the online business world.

Clickbank is a reliable digital retailer, but they do not review the products themselves as an initial quality check.

247 wealth club

As a result it is important for potential customers to do their own research and due diligence.

One of the initial things that jumped out to me on the 247wealthclub.com sales page is that they are extremely vague about what the specific strategies you will be learning about in order to generate a profit on the internet.

The voiceover artist simply refers to it being about online business, but does not elaborate much more than that.

It is likely to be deliberate to keep things so vague.

That is because it gives the offer an air of secrecy and intrigue by not giving much away about what is inside the product.

And that way many people will make the purchase just to discover the secret for what the method is.

That is quite a common tactic to these online business type offers.

If they give away too much about what the strategy is then some visitors may make excuses in their mind about how it is too hard and why they won’t get results with it.

But the less information provided, the more people will likely buy just to be able to find out in the first place.

I personally prefer that there is more transparency so that you get a better idea of what you are getting yourself into before you buy.

And that is likely to benefit the product vendor as well since there will be less refunds due to the better congruency between sales page and the actual product itself.

The Strategy Used In 24-7 Wealth Club?

In this 24-7 Wealth Club review I have already mentioned that they do not reveal what the strategy is.

But based upon the content of the sales video presentation and other recent Clickbank launches, this seems to be based around the affiliate marketing business model.

That is good news, because this is a really good way to get started making money on the internet with an online business.

It is what I do!

Affiliate marketing is when you do online advertising to generate website visitors, known as traffic.

These visitors are directed to affiliate sales pages via your unique tracking link.

When a sale is made then you get credited as the referring affiliate and thus earn a commission.

Some ways that you will learn about in order to generate traffic online will involve building websites for free search engine visitors, social media marketing, video and email marketing, banner ads, and posting advertisements elsewhere online.

I really like affiliate marketing as it is about doing simple tasks on a daily basis to get more and more content and advertising out there online in order to build up the daily clicks you can get.

It can be a fun process to work through to try and increase those daily clicks.

And there is a snowball type effect to this.

Because the content you post online today will remain up, and generating traffic and sales for you, for potentially years to come.

247 wealth club review

So it can build up into a nice residual income that requires less and less work as you progress.

However, there is a learning curve and a good bit of work needed at the start to build up that initial momentum.

So that is what I am not keen about 24/7 Wealth Club.

They make it sound too easy and fast to make money with and thus many people will quit thinking it is a scam.

Where as those same people may have given the industry a proper go if they understood that it is about staying consistent for the coming months ahead and not a way to make a ton of cash fast.

24-7 Wealth Club Testimonials – Are They Real?

24-7 Wealth Club get right in there in providing some testimonials near the beginning of the sales video presentation.

I like the fact that they are not using paid actors to give fake reviews.

But at the same time there is not much transparency in where the customer testimonials come from.

The video presenter is simply reading out some big income claims from people who are allegedly customers of the system.

It would be better if more transparency was provided in terms of providing screenshots of email, social media posts, or even the customer themselves on video.

The income claims made on behalf on the customers are also very big. They are talking about thousands of dollars being generated in just a few days and weeks.

Whilst that is certainly possible, it is unrealistic to expect the typical beginner to the industry be able to get that kind of success after buying a $37 training product on Clickbank.

Summary of 24-7 Wealth Club Review

In summary of my review on 24-7 Wealth Club, it is your typical Clickbank product launch for an affiliate marketing training product to help people get started in the online business world.

They are extremely vague about how their system works and what you get with your purchase and make some pretty big income claims that are unrealistic to expect beginners to achieve.

Whilst there will probably be some useful methods on how to do online advertising that they will teach you in the members area, I am not convinced this is the best introduction to this industry for newbies.

In any case, thanks for checking out my thoughts on 24-7 Wealth Club.

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