301K Challenge – Legit List Building with Igor Kheifets?

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Hey, there. Welcome to my 301K Challenge review.

301K Challenge is an affiliate marketing training course teaching you the basics of affiliate marketing, and it’s based around buying email traffic with solo ads to build your email list and then promote affiliate offers with that list.

It is from Igor Kheifets, who is also behind the E-Farming Challenge product.

A lot of these products out there are teaching the same business model of list building with solar ads to promote affiliate offers.

But let’s focus in on a couple of advantages of this system compared to a lot of generic list building programs is that they tend to focus here with Eagle, with promoting high ticket webinar affiliate programs as your main Front end offer, which these offers can pay thousands of dollars of commissions and therefore you don’t need to make as many sales to get a high earnings per click from your traffic.

And therefore there’s a better chance of recouping the costs of your seller ads if you’re making lots of commissions per sale with high ticket offers.

His training teaches you how to build a high ticket webinar funnel where you’ve got a lead capture page and then you’ve got a bridge page, which is a presale page. And he helps give you these presale page templates where people are warmed up to the idea of the offer and told some bullet points of the advantages of the program before they register for the webinar.

He’s really dialled in his Webinar Funnels with these bridge pages and then going to the webinar and then following up by email. And he’s got that really dialled in for recovering his Solo Ads investment.

That’s the difference between this and most other programs is you are using Webinar Funnels on the front end and then once you’ve got the traffic, you can then send those clicks to any other affiliate programs.

You like lower ticket items and mix up with your email broadcasts. He has also got solo ads Rolodexes and advice on where to buy solo ads. So you might get some more interesting sources other than just being told to buy solo ads on Udimi.com, which is what most basic courses focus is just going to Udimi and buying solo ads.

This one gives different sources that you can try out and sometimes it’s even better to go for the higher cost traffic sources with email because if they convert better into sales and you just need a couple of high ticket commissions coming in to recover those costs.

Sometimes the more expensive traffic is actually better and helps you break even compared to the cheap traffic who might not be able to afford these higher ticket products. And what flu 301K means. It basically means 30 days to make one case.

It’s all built around building your 1st $1,000 subscriber email list, getting your 1st $1,000 commissions and then taking it from there.

So it does look pretty cool. It’s not just your typical make money online with Clickbank by buying seller ads. It’s a bit more to it than that and it could be the missing ingredient to some people who have been struggling with seller ads to make a change with these presale pages.

Add that to their funnel and look at these higher ticket affiliate offers with webinars and also he dives into solo ads, the ad copy used in the emails and the ad copy used in your follow up emails to build a relationship and increase the conversions.

When you got really well written emails, you can increase the conversion rate, get more money from your list, and then have more money to reinvest into buying more solo ads and rescale it from there.

So, there’s a couple of unique points I quite like about this program.

What I do is I focus on digital marketing by buying traffic on the Internet and also doing free marketing with my own blog, my own YouTube videos, and getting lots of content out there online. Supplementing that with solo ads, and then just focusing on getting traffic to a lead capture page, building my email list, and enjoying the process of getting more and more clicks per day from that list to affiliate sales pages that pay high commissions.

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