5iphon Reloaded Review – Mega $3.3K Bonus Pack

Review of 5iphon Reloaded bonus package – OTO and system overview revealed inside this blog on 5iphon Reloaded Pro!

5iphon Reloaded Review – Bonus and OTOs

Before we dive into looking at the review of 5iphon Reloaded bonuses, OTO upsell offers and general system operation, I just thought I would say “hi” and to let you know how to grab the bonus package for this.

I work from home as a full-time digital marketer (living that internet lifestyle!) and have been doing so for about 8 years now.

When I first started in around 2011 was when the initial 5iphon.com system was launched (ah, the good old days!) so I have first hand experiences with the original program so I hope my thoughts will help you out!

Also, be sure to visit the page below to claim the exclusive 5iphon Reloaded Pro Bonus Package.

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5iphon Reloaded Review – How It Works

In my review of 5iphon Reloaded let us first take a quick look at how this systems works and the steps that people go through in order to setup the system.

5iphon is basically a “done for you” viral marketing system that is already hosted for you on their website.

5iphon reloaded

You simply add in your unique affiliate username (from the free Warrior Plus platform) so they know where to send commissions and you are good to go.

It is also recommended to hook-up an email autoresponder services such as Aweber or GetResponse (they both have free trial periods) so that you get to capture the leads you generate and build your own email list.

You can the promote 5iphon and any other offers of your choice in the future to that list so it is a great asset to build up over time.

Having said that, the system will capture the leads and store them for you so you can manually email them yourself or download them onto your computer and then upload to an email service provider.

OK, here is the basic process that takes place when you start promoting your own copy of this system:

Squeeze Page: The front end of the funnel is a squeeze page where the visitor will enter in their email address in order to visit the special offer on the next page and claim their free “list building website”.

Viral Subscribers: In order to activate their new 5iphon website, they first need to refer 5 free leads into the system by promoting the squeeze page. Therefore, the first 5 subscribers that each of your referrals generate by promoting 5iphon Reloaded will be added to YOUR email list.

Paid Offer OTO: After entering in their email address they are presented with a one time offer (OTO) to activate the paid version of the system so that they can make money with it as well as just use the list building functionality. You get paid when your subscribers buy this OTO offer and you also get paid if any of the 5 free viral subscribers (that someone else generated for you!) make the purchase as well.

10% Bonus Leads: You can also get free viral subscribers going multiple levels deep when the referrals of the referrals start promoting the system as well. It is estimated that you will get around 10% of the leads that your team of referrals generate in addition to all the subscribers you will be adding to your list from your own efforts.

They give training and recommended resources for quickly generating your initial referrals so that you can then let the viral nature of the program do it’s thing.

All in all it is an exciting combination of a viral list building AND affiliate commission-getting system!

5iphon Reloaded OTO

As part of my 5iphon Reloaded Review let us know look at the sales funnel you go through as part of this product launch and the optional One Time Offer (OTO) products that will be presented to you for the exciting, more advanced features.

Front-End Offer: 5iphon Reloaded Pro ($20). This is access to your own viral 5iphon funnel which includes the “lead forwarding” technology for the ability to generate viral leads and commissions from your referrals.

5iphon Reloaded OTO #1: 5iphon Overdrive ($97). This gives you the potential to earn commissions up to TEN LEVELS DEEP into the referral base that you build. So when the referrals of your referrals go onto promote the system themselves there will be the opportunity to earn commissions from a number of those OTO affiliate purchases from the work of others.

5iphon OTO Upsell #2: 10X Package ($47). You get another 10 “done for you” websites to use with this same built in viral technology. This gives you fresh pages to promote to your subscribers and elsewhere online to stand out with something new.

Upsell OTO #3: 10K Club ($197). You are presented with a very exciting opportunity to generate high ticket commissions ($500+) from automated webinars that are integrated into the backend of the 5iphon sales funnel system for you. You can also get viral high ticket commissions from these offers generated from the actions of your own referral base, multiple levels deep.

OTO #4: Traffic Co-Op ($197). They will be advertising this system on behalf of the members and this is your chance to get your own affiliate link added into rotation for automated new subscribers and referrals. It is also highly recommended to get out there and do your own marketing rather than use this as your only source of traffic.

5iphon Reloaded Bonus Package

There is a really exciting mega bonus package available for 5iphon Reloaded that you can claim access to via the links in this blog post.

As a very cool twist, you can actually use this page yourself to promote 5iphon to others to increase your sales conversions.

Here are the bonuses:

5iphon Reloaded Bonus #1: The Income Bonus Page – You get access to a copy of the bonus page, hard-coded with your own links to use with your own promotions.

Bonus #2: My Traffic Co-op: You get 1 Year Upgraded Membership to this traffic site that you can use to promote any website/offer of your choosing.

5iphon Bonus #3: From 0 to $100 in 24 Hours – You get free access to this product that is currently active and selling every day. They show you a simple step-by-step strategy for starting from scratch and building up to consistent $100 commission days.

5iphon Reloaded Bonus #4: Dumb Little Cash Makers – Another paid product that you get for free. This reveals a little known website that can send you a ton of free traffic within 20 minutes of trying it out.

Summary Of 5iphon Reloaded Review

OK, let’s wrap up this review of 5iphon Reloaded!

It is worth highlighting the “income bonus page” once more as this is something I have never seen before.

When you go through the bonus page for this new-launch you also get to use that very same bonus page to go and promote to others in order to build your new 5iphon business = very cool!

It was really exciting when 5iphon was first released back in 2011 and this newly revamped version of the system is taking it to a whole new level.

For me, what has worked to get to the stage of earning a full-time income online is to focus my mind like a laser on sending consistent, daily traffic to a squeeze page to build my email list and promote affiliate offers.

That is exactly what you get with 5iphon Reloaded, with the added bonus of viral technology to give you additional subscribers and commissions on autopilot from the efforts of others.

Thanks for stopping by my review!

Be sure to grab your own copy of 5iphon via the Mega Bonus Page below. Enjoy!

*BONUS PACKAGE: https://www.5iphon.com/bonus/?id=264