7 Minutes Daily Profits Review – $500/day Scam?

My review of 7 Minutes Daily Profits looks at this new launch. Legit $500/day or a 7 Minutes Daily Profits scam?

Many people are likely to have received an emailing promoting the 7 Minutes Daily Profits Clickbank system.

It can be hard to tell if these type of offers are legitimate or scams, especially if you are new to the industry.

I have been working from home full-time as an affiliate marketer for a good number of years now, and have therefore seen many of these products come and go.

Hopefully my opinions taken from my own personal experience will be of help to you as you do your research.

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7 minutes daily profits

7 Minutes Daily Profits Review

7 Minutes Daily Profits is a Clickbank launch in the E-Business & Marketing section of that marketplace.

Lots of affiliates will be on the lookout for a new product to promote with a lot of hype and buzz surrounding it.

This launch is the latest such offer that people will be hoping to generate some commissions from.

Nothing wrong with that, as affiliate marketing is a great way to earn an income in a very flexible way.

However, I think it is likely to be the case that the people who actually make money with these type of websites are going to be those promoting it to their list for commissions rather than the actual paying customers of the program itself!

Inside this review we will take a look at the strategy used to make money as part of this offer as well as the sales tricks the product vendor is using on their website.

I have used this process to recently dissect AZ Millionaire Method and Secret Millionaire Bot on this blog as well.

7 Minutes Daily Profits and Bulletproof Profits

The first thing I want to point out in my 7 Minutes Daily Profits review is the similarity between this offer and the recent Bulletproof Profits product launch.

The layout between these 2 websites is very similar indeed.

Bulletproof Profits was launched on Clickbank a number of weeks ago and it was one of the top selling “make money online” products within the marketplace for a while.

So it seems the product vendor has launched another product using the success of the Bulletproof Profits website as their template.

Either that or another vendor decided to create their own offer and based it around that previous sales page.

When you see the exact same sales page layout crop up more than once then that is a good indication that the layout is converting visitors into sales really well and thus making both the vendor and affiliates good money.

But it does remain to be seen whether the paying customers of the system are going to be getting results as well.

Sales Page Layout

The 7 Minutes Daily Profits website starts with a red banner at the top of the page saying that you must buy the product by midnight or the page will be taken down.

7 minutes daily profits scam

However, it is my experience that these type of banners are usually fake scarcity.

If you visited the website in a few days time then the same banner is likely to be up, but just with the date changed.

I am sure they will still be happy to take your money then as well!

The reason for that scarcity is to try and get as many people to buy the offer at the very first visit they make to the 7 Minutes Daily Profits system sales page.

That is because it will generate a high earnings per click (EPC) for affiliates promoting it and thus make more and more people want to promote as well.

This all generates more buzz surrounding the offer and more money for the system creator.

Then there is a headline with white and yellow text, making the claim that the system can make $500/day online.

A sales video presentation is displayed below that with a voice over artist trying to hard-sell the offer, along with some “customer” testimonials embedded into the presentation.

Finally, there is the add to card button below this video for the offer that costs $9.

It is interesting to see the $9 price point used again.

This price must work quite well in terms of converting front end sales to backend upgrades as more and more vendors are using that price now.

Most of the offerings in this niche up until now have been around $37 or so.

Is 7 Minutes Daily Profits a Scam?

7 Minutes Daily Profits scam claims may go around if someone joins the system and expects to easily make $500/day but then fails to get the results.

There are likely to be some useful digital marketing strategies that you will learn on the inside, however, so it might not be a scam.

7 minutes daily profits testimonials

But the problem is more down to the unrealistic expectations customers have based on the claims made in the sales video. If those expectations are not met then some might think it is a scam.

It is the $500/day figure in the headline and the big income claims made in the 7 Minutes Daily Profits testimonial videos that will make people think they can make lots of money just by spending $9 and clicking few buttons.

But in reality there is a bit more work and effort required than that and the sales page does not make that clear.

Summary Of 7 Minutes Daily Profits Review

7 Minutes Daily Profits is a Clickbank product launch that teaches people how to generate an affiliate marketing income with the help of their training and system.

The entry price is just $9, so there are likely to be some much higher priced upsells on the backend which is how the vendor will make most of their money.

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model and if a customer picks up a useful technique or two from the training they get then that $9 price is likely to be worth it.

But the system is sold in an unrealistic way with big income claims in the heading and testimonial videos.

So a customer expecting not just to learn a strategy or two, but wanting to make big money quickly and with minimal effort is likely to be disappointed when they discover there is more to it than the sales video presentation had made out.

Thanks for checking out my thoughts on 7 Minutes Daily Profits.

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