Affiliate Advisor Group Review – $5K Per Week Scam?

Hey, in my review of Affiliate Advisor Group we see if $5K/week is possible or if it is an Affiliate Advisor group scam?

affiliate advisor group

As part of my new blog post Affiliate Advisor Group review I will look at the tactics used on the sales page to try and get people to buy this at the very first visit to the website.

We will also look at the strategy used here to supposedly make the money, and also my thoughts in general about the online business industry.

All this is taken from my 8 years of experience working online from home doing digital marketing so I hope my words of wisdom will be of help!

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Affiliate Advisor Group Review – Your Own Website?

Affiliate Advisor group is a new system that is supposed to help you make money with affiliate marketing.

This is actually a really cool business model (it is what I do!) and involves creating websites, promoting them via internet advertising, and the redirecting your visitors onto the sales page of affiliate products.

When someone makes a purchase they you get a commission.

Affiliate Advisor Group is an affiliate offer in itself so lots of other marketers will be promoting it right now.

Perhaps you received an email promoting this yourself and that is what prompted you to do further research?

In any case, they give you some sort of “done for you” website to help you promote affiliate products.

The way they describe the website on the sales page, it sounds like it is already up and running and generating money, and all you need to do is claim it and tell them where to send the money!

It is not as easy as that!

The website may very well be legitimate, but whether you make money with it or not will depend on how effectively you advertise it.

These things don’t just automatically generate profit without your promoting it yourself over a consistent period of time.

Affiliate Advisor Group Scam or Legit?

Affiliate Advisor Group might not be a scam if you get a real website you can start using to promote products on the internet.

And they give you training to go along with it as well.

So if you learn some effective marketing strategies that you can use to promote your new site then some customers may well feel they have gotten decent value for money.

However, there are a few things I am not keen on with the sales page.

First of all, there is a countdown time that claims the Affiliate Advisor Group system will be removed after a certain period.

But with most of these offers, if you return to the page again the next day it will still be up and running with the timer reset.

They also claim that there are limited spots remaining, and indicate that you get some sort of discount if you make the purchase right away.

These tactics are used to try and get people to buy right away.

That is so the marketers promoting the program will get nice high EPCs (earnings per click) from the instant sales and will thus want to keep sending more business to the vendor.

But I am not sure that a hardselling approach like this, along with the big income claims, is the best introduction to the affiliate marketing industry for the typical newbie.

VIP Coaching Team with Affiliate Advisor Group?

Affiliate Advisor Group says there is a team ready and waiting to set up your commission account.

And that you will get assigned a VIP Business Coach to help you go through the process.

I am always skeptical when a program says they will give you a “coach”. That is because quite often this is actually a salesperson designed to get you to try and get you to upgrade to much more expensive services that they have for sale.

I don’t think very high ticket programs costing in the thousands are the best way for someone just get started to go for.

It is all about trial/error and learning/improving yourself that is the best education going forward rather that spending a ton of money for “done for you” services or personal coaching.

Summary of my Affiliate Advisor Group Review

In summary of my review of Affiliate Advisor Group, this is a new “make money online” product that gives you an affiliate marketing website and training.

It sounds like it is an ecommerce store that you can use to promote a variety of products.

They use quite a few hardselling tactics (countdown timers, discount scarcity etc.) to try and get you to make the purchase right away, so that the marketers promoting it make good money.

I often get the impression that the people who make the most money with these systems are the affiliates promoting it rather than the actual customers of the program!

But some people may well think they have got a good deal if they end up with their own website and some training to help them learn the ropes of the internet marketing business.

In any case, I hope you got some useful info from my blog post on Affiliate Advisor Group.

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