Affiliate Cash Club Review – $4,784/day Scam?

My review of Affiliate Cash Club finds out whether it really makes $4,784/day or if it is an Affiliate Cash Club scam?

I have just seen Affiliate Cash Club pop up in my email inbox so thought I would do a quick review to let people know whether this system is the real deal or worth giving a miss.

I have been working from home doing affiliate marketing for a number of years now (is very cool!), so I hope my experience in the industry can be of help to you as I look at this new product launch.

There will probably be a bit of hype surrounding this offer right now as it is brand new so I will try to clear up what this is all about.

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affiliate cash club

Affiliate Cash Club Review

Affiliate Cash Club teaches Clickbank affiliate marketing as the method to make money online.

This is where you build websites or post ads online in order to get clicks to your affiliate link, which will then redirect visitors to the sales page of a product you are promoting.

If someone buys that product then you get a commission as a percentage of the sale.

One of the most popular platforms to find these products to promote is Clickbank, and that is the marketplace that this system and training is based around.

Another recent program that I looked it is called Bulletproof Profits and is based around the same techniques.

In this post we will talk a bit more about affiliate marketing in general as well as whether this offer looks like the best way to get involved in the industry or not.

Affiliate Cash Club Clickbank Affiliate Marketing System

In my Affiliate Cash Club review I first want to talk about affiliate marketing before delving in to the specifics of this product launch.

I earn a full-time income online with affiliate marketing and it is a really cool and flexible way to earn a living.

It is a somewhat automated process because the work you do today (blog posts/articles, videos and placing ads online etc.) can pay you on a residual basis for months and even years to come.

So whilst it can be a bit slow to initially get going, with consistent marketing it really can snowball quite quickly.

Many people do well with affiliate marketing so it is a real and legitimate business model.

Clickbank is also a great platform to get involved with to find high quality, high paying digital products to promote in return for affiliate commissions.

The aim is to take daily marketing action in the form of adding content to your website, posting videos, placing advertisements online, interacting on social media, sending emails etc. in order to get consistent clicks to your affiliate link.

But will this particular product launch guide you through the best way forward with this?

Is Affiliate Cash Club a Scam?

Affiliate Cash Club may not be a scam as you are likely to learn a thing or two about how to do affiliate marketing on Clickbank.

affiliate cash club scam

However, the product is presented in a very hyped-up and hard-selling manner which will give newcomers the wrong idea about this industry.

The claim of how the system creator earns 4K/day online and how you can get started in just a few clicks, makes it sound like it is going to be super easy to have the cash rolling in.

But that is unlikely to be the case as you first are going to have to go through all the training and then go about putting it into action and then figuring out what works and does not work for you with the methods over the coming weeks and months.

They are not going to have a magical system already up and running then will send you daily commissions just for paying the $37 entrance fee!

To be fair, the headline is not claiming you will be able to replicate the 4k/day income as it is just stating what the system creator is getting.

The system creator is likely to be an experienced internet marketer with a big email list so it is important for newbies to not expect to get up to that level of success right away.

Affiliate Cash Club Customer Testimonials

The Affiliate Cash Club testimonial videos (embedded into the sales presentation) do not look real.

They are very slick and professionally recorded and delivered in quite an unnatural manner.

This makes me think they are probably actors that have been paid to read out the reviews from a script.

As always, it is hard to tell whether these are completely fake testimonials or whether they are based from actual user results and they are simply getting actors to be a representation of that.

The income claims made both within those customer feedback videos, as well as the running ticker bar displaying the money made, are not particularly believable.

affiliate cash club testimonials

The typical newcomer to the industry is not going to be making hundreds or thousands per day just by buying a $37 Clickbank system.

Sure, they may well receive some useful education that they can apply to this industry going forward, but highly unlikely they will be getting those big paydays right away like the sales page claims.

The hyped-up income claims are a shame as if customers came into it with more realistic expectations then they probably would stick around with their marketing for the long term and keep improving as they go along.

But because they think it will be quick and easy to rake in the cash, they may well quit thinking it is a scam if they are not rich in just a few clicks!

Summary On Affiliate Cash Club Review

Affiliate Cash Club is another Clickbank product launch that is designed to help show people how to make money online with affiliate marketing.

Whilst this is a legitimate industry, and there may well be some training of value inside, it is unlikely that people are going to be making the big bucks that the sales page claims.

Infact with many of these new product launches, it is the affiliates who are mailing out this offer to their subscribers that will be making the most money and not the actual customers using the techniques inside the system itself!

In any case, I hope you got some useful information from this post on Affiliate Cash Club.

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