Affiliate Marketing Programs For Newbies

The best affiliate marketing programs for newbies will enable you to make a full-time income online without being superman.

So instead of having to sell hundreds of low ticket ebooks, aim on selling a few high ticket affiliate products.

Also, make sure you are getting credit for all backend sales in the sales funnel.

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These tips will help you make money with these affiliate marketing programs for newbies.

Internet Marketing Niche – I consider internet marketing itself to be a niche. This covers people interested in internet marketing, making money online, affiliate marketing etc. It can often be hard to get started in the internet marketing niche because you are trying to sell products as an affiliate marketer to other people who are also affiliate marketers. So they might just purchase the product with their own affiliate links.

Quality Products – Many top tier direct sales companies in 2013 will create products in mind with just the money making opportunity in mind, rather than actually making an effort to give the customer excellent value for their money. Unless the customer has purchased a high value product then they are unlikely to buy anything else from you and you have burned that bridge. So look to join legitimate direct sales opportunities in 2013 that let you sell high quality products with tangible exchange of value.

Sales Funnel – When you promote a product it is a good idea to have that product to be part of a wider sales funnel which offers big commissions on the back end. That significantly increases the overall lifetime value of each sale you make. It is also good to send traffic to the vendors lead capture page so that your leads are automatically followed-up with on your behalf.

Training – It is important to have a solid foundation in your internet marketing training so that you can start going about generating leads & sales for your business. Most people jump between different strategies and training products and lack focus. So it is important to use one internet marketing training product and stick to one step by step process to avoid distraction and confusion. Make sure that the internet home business you join gives you all the training needed to succeed.

Free Traffic – Article marketing and blogging are excellent free traffic methods that can lead to you earning a healthy residual income. This is because you are building your own online real estate with each piece of content that you produce. It is not temporary marketing. Each article is permanent and will generate traffic on autopilot for years and years. When you have got to the stage of having thousands of pieces of content out there on the internet then you will have all the traffic you need.

Legitimate Home Based Business Opportunity 2013 – LEGITIMATE is the key word here. You want to build a long term business and not just make some quick temporary cash with something that will dissappear in a few months. That is why I stay away from these penny auction and penny matrix type programs because there is no tangible products being sold to the consumer and these business models are always going to be looked at closely and challenged. Look for programs that let you resell high quality information products as an affiliate.

Repurpose Content For Free Leads – If you are using free content marketing in the form of article marketing, YouTube video marketing and blogging for free network marketing home business leads then you can take things to the next level by re-using this content for other mediums. For example, write a press release to announce a new blog post, combine a selection of articles into a PDF ebook and submit to ebook download directories, extract the audio from a video and submit to iTunes and other MP3 podcasting sites for leads that way.

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