Affiliate Marketing Tips 2019

Affiliate Marketing Tips 2013: cool strategies to help you see fast success with internet affiliate marketing in 2019.

I earn a full-time income online with affiliate marketing, so I hope my tips will be of some help!

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Ezine Newsletter Research – First of all you need to find the best Ezine Newsletters to buy solo ads in. You will want to look at the quality of these publications and determine how responsive the traffic is likely to be. To shortcut your solo ads research, check out Solo Ads Secrets by Daegan Smith to get exact tracking and conversions metrics for a number of the best solo ads ezines in the make money online niche. Another benefit of Ezine Solo Ads is that they tend to accept most offers, where as guaranteed clicks solo ads providers are less keen on turnkey offers such as Empower Network, DotComSecrets X, 5iphon and others.

You Don’t Have To Be Rich – Many people think that attraction marketing means being rich and then making people wanting to join networking marketing with you because of your success. That does happen, but you can still do very well with attraction marketing when you are first starting out. People want to work with other people they like and trust. You don’t need to show that you are rolling in the money for people to want to join your business. If you get yourself out there on video, just being yourself in a normal, down to earth manner then you should do very well whether you are promoting Herbalife, Prepaid Legal, Global Resorts Network, Advocare, Isagenix, 5LINX, Sunrider, Network Marketing VT, GNLD, Numis Network, Chews 4 Health, Pizza Box Formula, Send Out Cards, Inbox dollars, Goji Juice etc.

Sales Funnel Madness – When you have an internet based sales funnel in place that is proven to generate significant amounts of money for the traffic that is sent to it, then you can really scale your business. If you know the average lifetime cost per lead then you know exactly how much you can afford to pay for traffic to make your campaigns profitable. A sales funnel will typically involve a low cost front end product, and high ticket products for buyers to upgrade to on the backend.

Turnkey Online Business Websites – Look for an opportunity that gives you your own turnkey online business website. This saves you from the complexities of buying your own domain, setting up the installation of WordPress and the plug-ins etc. The company programmers are likely to do a better job of making the turnkey business blog better optimized for SEO as well. With an internet business you should just be focusing on generating traffic and leads and not the technical stuff like website creation etc.

Work Together – With network marketing you are working together to both make money. With internet marketing you are selling a one-off product that you own as a product owner or affiliate. When you sell a one-off training ebook, many people do not take action on these training ebooks in order to get results so by having in your network marketing team is a good way to work directly together to keep each other on track. But with internet network marketing it is in the best interests of your sponsor to help your succeed so they will get pass-up sales from you so you can be sure that the strategies they recommend do actually work.

The real money is made in a sales funnel on the backend when you promote high ticket items for large commissions. But it is important to break even on solo ads quickly to be able to funnel leads into these high ticket products and affiliate programs.

Big Ticket Affiliate Programs – One of the best ways to build your list is with paid advertising using email solo ads, banner ads and media buys. But it is hard to break even on advertising with solo ads unless you are earning big commissions. So instead of trying to create your own complex sales funnel, just put in a high ticket affiliate product into the mix and that will often be more than enough to fund your campaigns. It will only take a few sales of those to make a very good living online.

Evergreen Business Opportunity – You will want to join a reliable and longterm business opportunity that is not going to go out of business any time soon. There are so called home based business opportunities such as Zeek Rewards that go out of business very quickly, yet legitimate network marketing companies such as Amway and Herbalife have been around for years. Make sure that the product you will be selling has a long term customer demand.

High Converting Squeeze Page – You will want to see at least a 30% conversions rate on your squeeze page. The key to this is to keep things short and simple. Provide an enticing benefit driven headline and a strong call to action. Remove all distractions and just get the email address.

Lifetime Cookie Tracking – When you promote a Clickbank product what happens is that you get paid a commission for an initial low ticket item. But then the product vendor is building a buyers list and will now promote high ticket products to those buyers and cash-in big time and you wont see any more payments for that. But some affiliate marketing programs will actually give you credit for any sales made on the backend. So if a high ticket live training seminar product is sold in 6 months time then you will get credit for that.

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