Affiliate Programs For Bloggers 2019

The best affiliate programs for bloggers in 2019 will enable you to teach your visitors how to not only generate traffic by blogging but how to make money from blogging for 2019.

This is where many bloggers affiliate programs fail. They teach the relationship building side of things..but not the money making part!

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Take action on these tips to maximize your success with blogging affiliate programs in 2019.

No Scams or Hypey Software – There are lots of magical push button software programs and get rick quick schemes being sold on the internet on places like Clickbank. Whilst they are not scams because of this, it is best to go for more realistic programs that many other people are seeing great success with. If something sounds too good to be true then it often is.

Creativity – Just have a think about what expensive items you or wealthy people you buy might purchase. Think about physical items and specialist products and then go about looking for websites that sell those products. Then look at the bottom of the page for the “affiliates” tab and if they have an affiliate program for these ultra high cost affiliate products then you are in business…big time.

Call To Action – Click through rates in YouTube videos can be quite low, so it is important to specifically tell the visitor to click your link. Do this by saying this within the video audio as well as use the YouTube annotation options to hammer this message home.

Get A Blog – I think it is worth investing in your own hosting and domain name and having your own blog to put your content on. This becomes your own online real estate that you can make money from for years to come. Each piece of content that you write and publish to your blog can potentially get traffic for years. This way you are exponentially growing your home business with each new article and blog posts. The more pages you have on your website, the more traffic you will get. So don’t worry too much about SEO and Google rankings, just get a blog and write lots and lots of content (around relevant keywords) and watch the traffic come in: slow at first, but it can snowball very quickly.

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