Affiliate Programs That Work

Affiliate programs that work in 2019 will give you high ticket commmissions and backend sales funnel credit.

Use the following tips to get the best success with the above affiliate programs that work:

A System In Place – Nowadays, it is very powerful if a multi level network marketing training course not just provides generic network marketing training, but provides tools and a system that you can take advantage of. For example, it is complicated to set up your own website, lead capture forms, and sales video presentations…so instead you can plug into an existing system that does this for you so all you need to do is focus on getting leads to view what you already have in place.

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Payspree – This is a marketplace that has a wide variety of affiliate programs, mainly in the affiliate marketing and internet marketing niche. Instead of the product owner sending you weekly commissions, you are paid instantly via Paypal and directly by the customer themself. You can find many 100% affiliate programs here and some of the listings make really good One Time Offers (OTO) for solo ads.

SEO Article Writing – The more pages a website has the more traffic it will get and the more money it will make. There is therefore a constant stream of SEO article writing for web content available. However, the pay is low and you need to be able to churn them out at quite a quick rate to see good pay. This won’t make you rich but is a good way of building a reliable online income if you are short for cash. You can find this work in the Warrior Forum (Warriors For Hire Section), Elance, Fiverr, and ODesk. But I would look to work at building your own online business at the same time so that in the future you can stop writing for others and write for yourself instead.

Low Cost One Time Offer – It is a good idea to have a low cost one time offer that you present to your subscriber immediately after sign-up. You are unlikely to make a profit with this, but it is a good chance to recoup your investment to try and break even. You are also building a buyers list. So have a relevant offer that fits in with your free gift and make it something of high value (not rehashed PLR) and offer it at a very low price such as $5 to $27 dollars.

Look At Advertisments – See what other people are advertising in solo ads, business opportunity magazines, local newspaper classified ads, website banner ads and text ads etc. If you see the same business opportunity being advertised month after month with the exact same ad then it is a good sign that the business opportunity is working for that marketer or they would not be purchasing all of that ad space on a consistent basis.

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