AI Mailer Review – Yes or No?

In this AI Mailer review, we will explore the features and functionalities of AI Mailer, an email autoresponder service that integrates AI technology, specifically Chat GPT, to assist in writing email content. As an experienced digital marketer, I will provide insights based on my 10 years of working from home and earning a full-time income in the industry.

AI Mailer Review Overview

AI Mailer is an email autoresponder service similar to popular platforms like AWeber and GetResponse. However, what sets AI Mailer apart is its integration with Chat GPT, an AI language model. This integration allows users to leverage AI-generated content for email subject lines and body text. AI Mailer also offers its own built-in SMTP service, although users have the option to connect third-party SMTP platforms if they prefer.

Using AI Mailer To Generating Email Headlines with Chat GPTAI Mailer’s interface provides users with a unique feature for generating email headlines. By utilizing the Chat GPT integration, users can input a prompt and receive suggestions to enhance the eye-catching nature of their email subject lines. The suggestions may include adding emojis, specific words, or keywords to improve deliverability, open rates, and click-through rates. While the AI Mailer scoring system aims to assist users in creating engaging headlines, one can also manually open Chat GPT in a separate tab for additional control and customization.

Creating Email Content With AI Mailer

AI Mailer offers a range of email templates for composing emails. Users can input content prompts, and AI Mailer generates email content based on those prompts. The quality of the generated content depends on the information provided in the prompt. While the demo content shown in the review video appeared generic, users can improve the template’s quality by offering more detailed prompts or by manually utilizing Chat GPT for crafting custom content.

AI Mailer – Managing and Sending Campaigns

Once the email content is set up, users can queue their campaigns for sending. AI Mailer allows users to import their existing subscribers using CSV files. The platform includes an inbuilt SMTP provider, and credits are used each time emails are sent. Upgrades are available to acquire more credits and gain access to a dedicated IP address, offering users greater control over their sending reputation.

AI Mailer Alternatives

AI Mailer caters to individuals who prefer importing their own subscribers into alternative email services and leveraging AI to construct emails and content. While the integration of AI can be beneficial, users who are not native English speakers may find it particularly helpful for crafting emails. However, it’s worth noting that many marketers rely on existing successful email templates and sales copy rather than relying solely on AI tools.

For marketers seeking established and reliable email marketing platforms, AWeber and GetResponse remain popular choices. These platforms offer robust features, excellent email deliverability, and the ability to import subscribers, making them suitable options for most marketers.

AI Mailer Review Summary

In conclusion, AI Mailer is a revamped version of email autoresponder software, incorporating Chat GPT for AI-generated email content. It can be a useful tool for those who prefer importing subscribers and utilizing AI to aid in email creation. However, it is important to remember that the success of email marketing lies in generating traffic, building an email list, and directing clicks to sales pages. The choice of software becomes secondary to the ability to consistently drive traffic and engage with subscribers.