AI Starter – Legit Reseller Software Apps?

If you’re an affiliate marketer or an entrepreneur, you may have heard about AI Starter. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this launch and give you an honest AI Starter review.

What is AI Starter?

AI Starter is a launch that gives you white label license rights to promote existing software as if it’s your own product. They also have reseller licenses in the members’ area, where you get approved to promote it as an affiliate and access to a reseller back office with marketing materials.

AI Starter Products and Licenses

In the members’ area, there are a number of different apps you can use to resell as an entrepreneur. The white label means you can resell it as your own product and change the branding of it. You can also add users to the system. As a content and product creator, white labeling these products gives you a lot of power.

On the other hand, some of the products they sell instead of saying white label say reseller. This can be confusing, and the difference between the two is unclear. Reseller seems to give you access to an affiliate back office where you can promote the product. There’s also an advanced option where you can upload the product material to your own hosting and have the website sales page uploaded to your hosting as well.

AI Starter Training

In addition to the reseller and white label licenses, you also get some training. There’s traffic training for how to get traffic on YouTube, video advertising, and solo ads traffic. This is helpful for affiliate marketers who want to build their email list and business.

AI Starter Tools

Some of the products you get are Neocast, which lets you have your streaming channel. Link-o-matic is for building leads on LinkedIn, Tube Targeter is for building your YouTube channel, and Social Links for promoting on social media. Market all is for email and messaging marketing bots, Stream Pilot for building your 24/7 streaming channel, and Engage Yard for creating engaging posts on social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook.

Is AI Starter Worth It?

AI Starter is unique in that it gives you a number of different software apps to resell as an affiliate marketer. You also have the option to take more power over the sales process by potentially rebranding the marketing process and even hosting the sales pages and product on your website.

The term AI is a bit of hype because not all of these tools use AI. They’re just interesting software tools that do an interesting valuable task. However, the word AI has been slapped onto the product because it’s a trending buzzword.

AI Starter Conclusion

In conclusion, AI Starter is worth checking out if you’re an affiliate marketer or an entrepreneur. The white label and reseller licenses give you options to promote products as your own or as an affiliate marketer. The training is also helpful for building your business. However, the term AI is overused, and not all the tools use AI.