AI Viral News Review – Yes or No?

Welcome to AI Viral News, where we analyze the product launch and delve into the features of this innovative offering. As an experienced digital marketer, I have witnessed numerous software tools and product launches come and go over the past decade. In this review, I aim to share my insights and provide valuable information to aid your research on this Warrior Plus product. But before we proceed, if you’re interested in discovering my top recommended online system, click the link below in the video description.

AI Viral News Review

AI Viral News offers a done-for-you website hosted on a subdomain provided by the product vendor. This website serves as an automatically updating news platform that curates content from various news websites. The template provided includes a pop-up form where visitors can enter their email and name, allowing you to build an email list. The exit pop-up can be customized to suit your preferences, helping you capture leads effectively.

Customizable AI Viral News Website Template

The website template included in AI Viral News is designed in a magazine-style format, catering to various niches. It features spaces for banner ads, both at the top of the homepage and throughout the site. These banner ads can be linked to affiliate programs, providing additional monetization opportunities. You have the flexibility to modify the website’s appearance, including colors, logo, and website name. The professional footer section allows you to include contact information, privacy policies, terms and conditions, and social media links.

AI Viral News Content Curation

AI Viral News operates as a content curator rather than publishing full articles on your website. When a visitor clicks on an article, they are presented with a preview of the headline and the first paragraph. Clicking on “load more” directs them to the original source of the content. Before reaching the source, visitors encounter an affiliate link that you can customize. While this is an additional method of monetizing your website, it’s essential to note that the actual content is not hosted on your site.

AI Viral News SEO Tactics

While AI Viral News offers curated content from other websites, it’s worth considering the benefits of having unique articles published on your own website. Creating or rewriting content in a unique manner allows you to improve search engine rankings and provide valuable information to your audience. While the curation method of AI Viral News provides high-quality articles, it is still recommended to focus on generating original content regularly.

Domain Masking and Hosting Considerations

The AI Viral News website is hosted on a subdomain provided by the product vendor. To enhance professionalism, it is advisable to mask your own unique domain onto the subdomain. This gives your website a unique domain name rather than relying solely on a subdomain. While it may not be possible to export the site’s files and content to your own hosting account, masking your domain is a viable option.

Examining the AI Component Of AI Viral News

Despite its name, AI Viral News doesn’t extensively employ artificial intelligence. Instead, it curates RSS feeds from popular websites and republishes titles, photos, and introductory paragraphs on your website. While it provides a software tool to facilitate news content creation and monetization through banner ads and affiliate links, it does not utilize AI for content rewriting.

Review Summary of AI Viral News

AI Viral News offers a convenient solution for creating news websites in various niches, whether for personal affiliate marketing ventures or providing services on freelance platforms like Fiverr. However, the emphasis on curated content rather than original articles may impact your search engine rankings. Consider utilizing unique content and masking your own domain onto the subdomain for a more professional touch.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review of AI Viral News. For more information on how I generate a full-time income online, focusing on traffic generation, list building, and promoting affiliate offers in a simple yet structured manner, click the link in the video description below.