AliProfits Review – Mom Makes $500 Per Day?

My quick review of AliProfits system sees if this mom really makes $500/day or if it is just an AliProfits scam?

My AliProfits review will first talk a bit about the dropshipping business model, then look at the way the sales page is laid out.

Finally some testimonials of the AliProfits system will be looked at to see if they are real results from actual customers, or not.

I am a professional work-at-home internet marketer so I hope my ramblings on this offer which are taken form my experience in this industry will be of some value to you!

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AliProfits Review

AliProfits is a dropshipping system that lots of affiliate marketers are promoting right now on the Clickbetter network.

It is in new launch stage so there is quite a bit of buzz and hype surrounding the offer.

aliprofitsSo I will aim to simply break down what this program is all about to help you decide whether it makes a good fit for you or not.

Dropshipping is a popular ecommerce business model right now.

Lots of products in the E-Business & Marketing niche now teach this strategy.

The way it works is that you create your own ecommerce store with a physical product for sale.

When someone makes a purchase on your website, you then pay a Chinese dropshipping company such as Ali Express to ship the product directly to your customer.

You can source these products really cheap so there is a nice potential mark-up between the money you take from the customer and the amount you need to pay to have the order fulfilled.

It is a cool business model as it lets you test out trying to sell various different products without the need to risk your money on buying inventory upfront.

However, whether AliProfits is the best way to get involved in this industry remains to be seen.

AliProfits Website – Scam or Legit?

In my AliProfits review I now want to talk about the various sales tricks used on the website to try and get you to make the purchase right away.

None of these tactics mean there is an AliProfits scam going on, since dropshipping is a legitimate business model well worth learning about. But at the same time there is quite a bit of hype on the sales page.

The title of the website talks about a stay at home mom who makes $500 per day using this system.

And then as part of the sales video presentation there are a number of “customer” testimonials from people reporting huge profits with it.

So immediately this gives beginners unrealistic ideas about what they can or cannot expect to achieve from this strategy before going into it.

They make it seem like anyone can instantly make lots of money by throwing up an ecommerce store, but it is going to be a bit more complicated than that.

Some actually work is going to be required!

There is also not that much transparency on the sales page in terms of who the creators are.

It is just a generic voice over artist reading a script for the sales presentation. It sounds like they have given him an anonymous pen name as well.

I prefer the offers where you known exactly who is behind the system before getting involved.

AliProfits Testimonials – From Real Customers?

Testimonials for AliProfits are featured on the sales page, but they look like they have just hired actors to read from a script!

One of the main reasons I can tell this, is the fact that I see these exact same people popping up all over the place in numerous other sales videos for “make money online” offers.

They surely cannot be a member of all those programs and making thousands of dollars in each one?!

Another thing that makes the reviews look fake is the fact they are read in a very unnatural way. They are therefore probably reading from a script on the screen.

It is usually clear when real customers are used in testimonial videos, because the footage is less professionally shot and the way they speak is much more natural and improvised.

Also, real members tend to report more realistic and modest results where as fake reviews usually claim to be making tens of thousands of dollars in just a few clicks!

My AliProfits Review Summary

I shall now wrap up my review of AliProfits.

Since this is a new product launch on the Clickbetter affiliate network, lots of marketers will be mailing their lists about it.

Therefore it can be hard to see through all the initial hype.

I always get the impression that it is the affiliates promoting these offers for commissions that tend to make the most money and not the actual customers themselves.

Affiliate marketing is a great industry, but this particular websites makes it look super easy to make money with and therefore many people will be disappointed when they realise that learning and actual effort is needed.

I don’t think it is a scam if you learn more about the ecommerce and dropshipping industry than when you first started, and have a few useful strategies that you can start implementing.

But many people will quit when it is not as simple as the sales page made it out to be.

Clickbetter also does seem to be the new platform of choice for vendors to launch these hyped-up business opportunity offers.

It used to be Clickbank, but perhaps they are not too keen on the hype nowadays. When there is a disconnect between the $500/day claims made on the sales page and the content inside the actual product refunds can be high and that may have put Clickbank off lots of these new launches.

Thanks a lot for stopping by to read my review of AliProfits.

Take a look at the page below before you head off. It is my current top recommendation for generating consistent and realistic profits in the digital marketing world, by focusing on the basics without all the hype.

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