Attraction Marketing Formula – How To Do Attraction Marketing Online

My attraction marketing formula is to get my content out there all over the internet for a constant stream of free traffic for my business.

Take action on these attraction marketing tips:

Email Marketing – Email marketing should be at the core of your online business, whatever it is you are promoting. I strongly encourage the you send traffic to a lead capture page so you can build your email list. Then have an automated follow up sequence to build a relationship with your leads and to send them back to your primary affiliate offers.

Monthly Recurring Residual Income – The MLM business model is well associated with helping people earn a healthy monthly residual income from home. When you grow your team and people start to duplicate then this really adds up. So make sure you are promoting products with monthly recurring commissions as part of the sales process. And also mix in the selling of top tier MLM programs for big one-off commissions for the best of both worlds.

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MLM Business Opportunity Blog – Create your very own home based business blog that you publish daily content to. Pick out targeted SEO keywords for each post and stay consistent in your content creation. Do not miss a day of blogging! It will seem slow at first but over time the authority of your blog will increase in Google’s eyes and you are likely to have an impressive stream of free MLM leads from blogging.

Paid Advertising Home Business – It is important to invest in paid advertising in order to build a home based business. This way you can grow very quickly and whilst waiting for the more long term free marketing methods (blogging, article and video marketing etc.) to kick in. Look to advertise in high quality places such as business opportunity magazines, newspaper classified ads, phone broadcasting services, mobile marketing, and postcards mailings.

Top Tier Direct Sales Opportunities — Many people like to join top tier network marketing companies in the direct sales industry. Top tier means you are selling high ticket products priced in the thousands of dollars. This a popular way of direct marketing for many because you only have to make a few sales to earn a very good living. Where as other forms of online marketing requires you do consistently produce high outputs of sales which is not feasible for everyone.

Non Spammy – When you first start to use Facebook for network marketing there might be the temptation to take your link and to post it on every single network marketing Facebook Group that there is. But resist this urge and instead try to find higher quality groups that don’t get spammed with adverts and interact with people. Add new contacts.

Amazon – You can often find lots of high ticket products to promote as an Amazon affiliate. Go to the product listings and choose to sort items in a category by price with the highest price first. Then see if you can find some expensive luxury items that are high in demand to promote.

YouTube Marketing – Video marketing with YouTube has made me some very good sales. This is because simply appearing on camera gives you so much trust and credibility with potential customers who might be weary of scams and hype. If you prove you are a real down to earth person via video then your task as an internet marketer is so much easier. But you can still drive traffic without appearing on camera. Record slideshows or screencaptures using CamStudio.