Auto Chat Profits Review – $420/Day Chatbot?

Welcome to my review of Auto Chat Profits for 2019 by the creators of Five Minute Profit Sites. Does Auto Chat Profits really make $420 a day?

I’ve just seen Auto Chat Profits promoted in my email inbox on Gmail so I thought I would do a review on it since it is the latest Clickbank launch.

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Auto Chat Profits Review

When I saw Auto Chat Profits the first thing that sprung to mind with this new program on Clickbank is the sales page looks very similar to other products that I’ve seen before.

auto chat profits video

Other reviews I have done recently include Ecom Cash Code and 10X Secrets Masterclass.

There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just this style of safe sales page seems to convert quite well for affiliates who are promoting the product so you will see quite a few sales pages that look like this .

The Auto Chat Profits page has got the same blue background and exciting eye catching headline at the top and then a sales video presentation with a voice-over artist. I believe it’s actually the same voice-over artist if you compare their video on Five Minute Profit Sites and Daily Cash Siphon, which is another affiliate marketing training system and software.

I guess that means this type of structure on a sales page helps a system creator sell as much of their product as possible so it’s interesting just to observe and research which sales pages are doing well now and I guess this layout is doing well.

What Do You Get With Auto Chat Profits?

Obviously people are going to be promoting Auto Chat Profits as an affiliate marketer and earning commissions from Clickbank by promoting this to others. That is why you might see an email about it so they can get their Commission’s when you buy from their link.

But what do you get when you join and become a member of Auto Chat Profits?

It’s basically an affiliate marketing system with a unique twist of giving you a website with an automated chatbot built into it. These chat bots are quite modern marketing strategies.

The way affiliate marketing in general works is you get your own website and you do promotions on the internet such as posting your links on social media, creating videos and blog posts, and you just get traffic to your website and then you divert people preferably to a lead capture page where you capture the email address of your new lead.

And then you redirect those visitors to a sales page where you will earn the commission if someone makes a purchase via your unique affiliate link.

But what the Auto Chat Profits team have done is they have integrated a chatbot into the website they give you so it’s a more personal touch and the aim is to hopefully increase the conversions of visitors into sales.

The software can help you answer questions your visitors may have, so it it’s almost like a live support staff member being on your website 24/7.

It is automated so the software is pre-programmed to understand the most common types of questions and answers.

How Auto Chat Profits Chatbot Works

What five-minute profit sites and daily cash siphon gave you was a done-for-you lead capture page so you could build your email list when people entered in their email address and then to send visitors to a Clickbank product which you would earn money for if they decided to purchase that Clickbank product.

auto chat profits chatbot

A recent launch from this same marketplace was also looked at in my Million Dollar Replicator review post.

The Auto Chat Profits website is hosted for you, but then you are invited to buy your own domain name so it looks like a unique domain address at the top of the browser. You also get the option to build your email list with an email autoresponder service.

It’s the same basic structure to marketing and they give you training on how to send traffic for free and also paid traffic to your website.

There is then an automated chat bot built into it to help conversions. It’s a really excellent step-by-step process despite the hypey sales video.

The income amounts they talk about in the video are very high and the typical beginner is not going to make that kind of money right away. Those income claims are more to get people excited about what the industry can offer in general, rather than to set those expectations of what customers of this particular system will get.

Auto Chat Profits Review Summary

In summary of this review of Auto Chat Profits, I like the combination of turnkey affiliate marketing website, training, and chatbot software to help people get started as quickly and easily in the online business world as possible.

You get a “done for you” website, but it will need a domain name and email autoresponder service to be purchased first so that it is all fully setup.

There is training on how to get traffic. This may include paid solo ads advertising and also article marketing training. However, I think really good methods to use for maximum sales conversion rates would be social media, video marketing, and blogging.

It can be hard to convert cold traffic from solo ads into sales, and article marketing is a bit outdate now. But getting people in front of value based content in the form of a video or blog post before they see your affiliate website can really warm them up and increase conversions.

And then the personal integration on the site with the chatbot to answer questions the visitor has as well as make them feel at ease, will be the cherry on top. It combines automated digital marketing with a more personal approach to close the sale.

Anyhow, thanks for checking out my Auto Chat Profits review.

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