Auto Online Sites Review – $500/day Scam?

My review of Auto Online Sites discovers whether it really makes $500/day or is just an Auto Online Sites scam?

You may have seen Auto Online Sites being promoted to you via email from another marketer trying to earn a commission from your purchase.

Other people will have received the same email so I thought I would do a review to take a look at whether this system on Clickbetter looks like the real deal or is just a scam that is worth giving a miss.

I earn a full-time income at home doing online marketing (is good fun!) so I hope my opinions on this coming from personal experience will be helpful to you.

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Auto Online Sites Review

Auto Online Sites is a training product sold via Clickbetter that shows you how to make money online with affiliate marketing.

This is a legitimate business model and can provide for a flexible way to earn an income with the potential for good time and money freedom.

I do affiliate marketing for a living and it is very cool!

However, I am not convinced that this system is going to be the best way to get involved in this industry for most newbies.

It makes it sound as though they already have a website up and running and making money for you.

But that is unlikely to be the case and I think the way they have presented the offer is misleading.

Inside my blog post we will look at what you are actually going to get with this website as well as my thoughts on the exciting “make money online” industry as well.

I also did the same thing with another recent program which was the Bulletproof Profits website.

Auto Online Sites Money Making Website

In this Auto Online Sites review let us look at what you are supposed to be getting with this system.

The offer is a money making website that is supposedly already making money.

They say all you need to do is buy their product and then they can start diverting the commissions to your own account.

It all sounds a bit too easy and magical for my liking. In reality there is a bit more to it than that in order to generate an income in this industry.

You are likely to receive training on how to go about doing online marketing in order to make money at home by promoting products and services.

And there may well be useful bits and pieces that you will pick up and can apply in your online business.

But this training is not going to be the equivalent of having commissions instantly arriving in your account just by joining.

That is too good to be true!

Is Auto Online Sites a Scam?

Customers might think Auto Online Sites is a scam based on the difference between what they expect from the impression the sales page gives off and the reality of what they get with the system.

auto online sites scam

The sales presentation makes it sound like you can instantly start making $500/day just by making an initial one time payment.

So people will think there is going to be a website that they will be given that is already up and running and making money for them.

They will expect to be in profit on the same day.

But in reality, you are simply going to receive training on how to do your own marketing and build your own websites.

This training may actually have some good strategies in there, but it is going to take a bit of time and trial/error before you get the hang of it and start generating a profit.

So that training may not be a scam, but people will quit early thinking it is just because it is not as easy as the official website made it out to be.

Auto Online Sites Real Testimonials

There are no Auto Online Sites testimonials featured within the sales video.

This is actually a good thing as many of these product launches use paid actors to give fake reviews!

However, below the video there is a box that flashes up a number of different income claims from so-called real customers of the website.

These income “proof” results of success are very high.

auto online sites testimonials

They claim newbies are generating thousands of dollars per week.

So it makes it seem it is just going to be the case of clicking a few buttons and money will start flying out of the sky, but that is certainly not going to be the case!

It is hard to tell whether those proof reviews are genuine or fake, but the typical customer of this product is unlikely to be able to replicate that level of success right away.

Summary for Auto Online Sites Review

Auto Online Sites is supposed to be a money making website that is going to make you money by just activating it.

But that is unlikely to be the case.

Whilst you may get some useful training to learn how online marketing works, most people will be disappointed when they discover they are not magically going to have lots of cash arriving in their account right away.

Affiliate marketing itself is a legitimate business model and a fun and flexible way to generate an income from home.

So it is well worth learning and getting involve with affiliate marketing (it is what I do!), but I don’t think this system is going to be the best introduction to the industry.

Many people will think it is a scam when they realise their website is not instantly generating a ton of cash right out of the gate.

The business model is not a scam though, it just takes a bit of time to go through proper training and implement the strategies on a consistent basis over the coming months.

That’s about it. Thanks for taking the time to ready my thoughts on Auto Online Sites.

I earn a full-time income online by promoting other peoples products and services, and below is my recommendation for a system to plug-in to right away to help you discover how to do the same.

It is a complete “done for you” system that is ready and waiting for you and is a great way to have something legitimate and realistic to focus on as you go about your online ventures.

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