Automated Profit Formula Review – $616 Per Day?

Automated Profit Formula is a new launch. Does it make $616 per day? Let’s see in my Automated Profit Formula review!
automated profit formula

As part of my review of Automated Profit Formula I look at what you get with this training program, whether it can work for you or not, as well as look at some of the OTO upsell offers as part of the sales funnel.

There are likely to be lots of people mailing out for this Automated Profit Formula system launch on Warrior Plus as it has an affiliate program attached to it.

I work from home as a full-time internet marketer so hopefully my input in this launch will help as you do your own research.

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Automated Profit Formula Review

Automated Profit Formula system is an online training program that coaches you though the step-by-step process of earning an income with internet marketing and affiliate marketing.

They start off at the Pro Level and then you progress onto the Gold Level and then Platinum Level.

All of these training levels are included for the same price as the monthly subscription to this system.

The training is done via video modules.

It is divided into 100 training days. So you work your way through it at your own pace by going through one module per day.

The aim is to start providing an education to the complete newbie on how to get started in this industry and to progress towards earning a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per month online.

And then the Gold Level is more advanced affiliate marketing strategies to aim to tackle the 10K Per Month milestone.

And finally Platinum level is about becoming a top earning online entrepreneur and being able to make thousands per day with product launches and huge email lists and leverage.

Automated Profit Formula OTOs

As part of my Automated Profit Formula review, let us look at some of the upsell and OTO offers as part of this sales funnel.

OTO #1 – Templates to help brand you as an authority figure in the internet marketing world even if you are just starting out. This helps build trust and credibility to boost sales conversions. This costs $47.

OTO #2 – IM Traffic Academy which is what they consider to be the “ultimate” course to master online traffic generation. This costs $147.

OTO #3 – VIP Bootcamp: Customers are able to take part in their Bootcamp and attend live training calls each month. Recordings of previous training sessions are also provided. This costs $197.

OTO #4 – Previous best selling products at a discounted rate. Buy other programs from the same creators but at a discount rate as part of this new-launch sales funnel. Cost is $27.

Automated Profit Formula – Does It Work?

Automated Profit Formula is designed to work starting from the complete newbie all the way up to a more intermediate marketer who is already earning a good income online.

More advanced customers may want to skip some of the early training modules and learn about the more in depth strategies used by higher earners in the industry.

And then complete newbies really will be taken by the hand on some of the best ways to get started earning your first commissions.

Either way, whether Automated Profit Formula works or not is going to be down to how much action the customer takes rather than just the quality of the training itself.

They have put together a very in-depth training guide so everyone is bound to get really good value in understanding how this industry works and how to progress through it as an entrepreneur.

But the results are going to come by putting this into action and working hard on what you have learnt, rather than just “learning” for the sake of it.

It is also worth pointing out that it is unlikely that newbies are going to make $616 per day!

That is more for what to aim for in the future as you start building a big email list and get involved in really big product launches.

So is important to not go into it with unrealistic expectations an expect to make $616/day when you are just starting out.

Automated Profit Formula Testimonials

There are a number of testimonials for Automated Profit Formula on the sales page, which is good to see.

The first thing to note is that these are real people delivering real opinions on their experience in working with the creators of this online training course.

You can tell that these are real testimonial videos, because they are not shot on some ultra professional HD green screen background with a paid actor unnaturally reading from a script.

These are clearly real internet marketers who understand the industry and are giving their feedback on what they have learnt and the results they are getting.

Summary of my Automated Profit Formula Review

Time to finish off my review of Automated Profit Formula.

I like the way they have broken down the process of earning an income in the internet marketing industry into easy to digest daily video training modules.

The training is suitable for the complete beginner who has never generated a dime online, up to more experienced marketers who want to reach some much more exciting income milestones with more advanced techniques.

There is sales funnel on the backend with various OTO and upsell offers. I think the OTO where you get the templates to help build authority and credibility looked to be the best value.

In any case, I hope your enjoyed my brief thoughts on Automated Profit Formula!

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