Automatic Home Websites Review – Automated Website ATM Scam?

Hey, my Automatic Home Websites review sees if it really makes an automated 1K Per Day in 2020 or is a Website ATM scam?

Automatic Home Websites system sales page tactics will be looked at, as well as what you can expect to get access to on the inside of the Website ATM system.

Automatic Home Websites Review – CPA Offer

As part of this Automatic Home Websites review for 2020, I can reveal that this is a CPA offer on various affiliate networks.

So whilst the offer (sometimes listed as Website ATM on the Automated Home Websites checkout page) only costs $47, affiliate marketers will be earning around $60+ commissions by promoting it.

I do affiliate marketing as a full-time income and have been doing it for 8 years now. Is a very cool and flexible way to work from home!

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Automatic Home Websites Review – Website ATM?

In my review of Automatic Home Websites (on the domain) I will first talk a bit about the confusion with the product name.

automatic home websites

The voice over artist refers to a system called “My Automated Websites” whilst the product listed on the checkout cart page is the “Website ATM” system.

So a slight disconnect there.

I think the reason for that is that they have created a generate sales video presentation that can be used to promote lots of different “make money online” offers.

The people who did this sales page have chosen to make Website ATM the offer they link to (at the time of writing this article), although in the future they may swap it out for the latest “hottest” program.

The creators of My Automated Websites are most probably getting a commission from Website ATM for every new customer they send them.

And in turn other affiliate marketers will get a commission by sending traffic to the sales page!

So perhaps you received an email promoting this offer? As lots of marketers whom have big email lists will be mailing this out looking for their $60 CPA Commissions.

Automatic Home Websites Review – Affiliate Marketing

Automatic Home Websites is promoting a program that teaches you how to make money online with affiliate marketing.

This is the process of learning how to advertise online and drive traffic (aka website visitors) to the sales page of someone else’s product.

When someone buys a product after first having clicked a link on your website or advertisement then the sale is credited to you and you earn a commission.

This process is what I do for my online business and it is very cool.

I actually go a step further and focus on “list building” to capture the email address of website visitors so that I can promote other affiliate offers to them in the future by sending out emails.

So whilst affiliate marketing is a great business model to learn about, it is unlikely that the Automated Home Websites they give you with the Website ATM system are automatically going to be making you money simply by activating your account.

It takes time and effort to learn how to advertise effectively, and then a bit of trial/error and initial failed attempts before finding one or two promotional methods that make a good fit for you.

It is not something where you can click a button, get a “done for you” website and make tons of money without taking any action or developing any skills!

Automatic Home Websites Testimonials and Sales Tactics

Automatic Home Websites testimonials are embedded into the sales pitch.

These are supposed to be from real customers who have used the system, but you just have to take their word for it.

Some of the income claims sound believable, whilst the ones saying people are making thousands per day do not sound realistic at all.

The narrator of the sales pitch makes a point of saying that My Automated Home Websites will NOT make you a millionaire.

But at the same time they claim it could make $1,000 Per Day which is still a very outlandish for a newbie to get anywhere near!

Also, they are very vague about how the system works and they do not give any information on what actions you will need to take. All they say is to activate your account.

And finally, the checkout page lists a product called Website ATM.

And on that checkout page there is a countdown timer to try and rush you through the purchase just incase you were having 2nd thoughts.

So whilst it is hard to say if there is an Automatic Home Websites scam, I am not convinced that a very hypey sales pitch like that is the best introduction to online business for most people due to the unrealistic expectations it gives out.

Automatic Home Websites Review Summary

In summary of my Automatic Home Websites review, the Website ATM system gives you affiliate marketing websites to use to try and make money by promoting other peoples products for commissions.

Affiliate marketing is a great business (I do it!), but you need to do work and learn how to advertise properly in order to get results.

Automatic Home Websites says you can just activate the account and make money, but it is never quite as easy as that!

I am not keen on the hardselling tactics used either to pressure people to buy right away.

In any case, thanks a lot for taking the time to check out my thoughts on Automatic Home Websites.

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