AZ Millionaire Method Review – $1,000,000 Scam?

My review of AZ Millionaire Method finds out if this website makes real money or is an AZ Millionaire Method scam?

You may have received an AZ Millionaire Method email from an affiliate marketer who has sent out a promotional broadcast message for it.

In fact lots of emails are likely to have been sent out and lots of people will be receiving them!

I work from home full-time in the online marketing industry. I have seen these offers come and go and thus thought my readers would benefit if I shared my thoughts within a blog post.

So here it is!

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az millionaire method

AZ Millionaire Method Review

AZ Millionaire Method teaches you how to make money online with affiliate marketing on the Amazon platform.

This is a legitimate method that many people are running successful online businesses with right now.

I do affiliate marketing for a living and it is really cool and a flexible way to earn cash.

However, I prefer to promote digital products on platforms such as Clickbank rather than physical items on Amazon.

That is because digital affiliate programs tend to pay at least 50% commissions, where as you are looking at around 5% commissions for physical products sold on ecommerce stores.

Anyhow, as part of this review of AZ Millionaire Method we will go into a bit more detail about how this works, whether it is legit or a scam, the testimonials, and what the best way to get started in this exciting industry is.

It is this type of digital program that I looked at in my recent posts on Secret Millionaire Bot and the Bulletproof Profits launch.

AZ Millionaire Method Amazon Affiliate Marketing System

In my AZ Millionaire Method review I will now talk about the affiliate marketing business model, because that is what this Clickbank product is teaching.

Affiliate marketing is where you do online advertising to generate traffic (i.e. internet visitors) to your website.

Your website will have content on it about certain products within a niche and will divert visitors onto the sales page of these items via your unique affiliate link.

That way any sales that are made as a result of someone visiting the sales page after clicking through on your website will be tracked back to your account and you will earn a commission.

The advantage with Amazon affiliate marketing is that you are “piggy backing” off the authority of their platform to help make it easier to get sales. That is because it is a well known and trusted website.

Also, if the customers add additional items to their basket as they go to checkout (even if it was a product that you were not promoting on your website) then you get paid for those extra products as well.

However, the disadvantage with promoting products on Amazon or other ecommerce platforms is the low commissions.

Because these are physical products that are sent in the mail there are overhead costs of postage/packaging and also the material used to create the product in the first place.

Therefore you are only getting around 5% commissions with this method.

Where as if you are promoting digital products that can be downloaded over and over again without any extra overhead costs, you are looking at around 30% to 100% commissions.

Is AZ Millionaire Method A Scam?

AZ Millionaire Method is probably not scam, as you are likely to learn some useful information within the members area in terms of how to go about starting your own Amazon affiliate marketing website.

az millionaire method scam

However, the way the product is presented on their sales page gives inexperienced individuals the wrong impression about what is possible in this industry.

Big income claims are made within the sales video and these include testimonials from so-called customers who are claiming to have made a ton of money with the system.

As a result, members will go into this thinking it is going to be super quick and easy to make money just by setting up 1 website and posting a couple of online ads.

But in reality, there is a learning curve that needs to be overcome.

You first need to take the time to go through the training to learn the correct strategies.

And then consistent action is needed to implement those strategies. Most marketing methods will not work at the first attempt and you will therefore need to keep tweaking and improving your implementation as you go along.

But the sales page makes it sound like anyone can rake in the cash ultra quickly without putting in the work first and that is not going to be the case.

Sure, good money can be made in the affiliate marketing industry. And things can build up very nicely indeed after consistent action taking. But it is not the case of clicking a few buttons and getting a million dollars coming in from your first website!

AZ Millionaire Method Testimonials – Real or Fake?

I am not convinced by the AZ Millionaire Method testimonials that pop up within the sales video presentation.

In fact, I have seen some of the people featured give reviews of other recent Clickbank launches and they were claiming to have made a ton of money with those other products as well!

It looks like they are paid actors who are reading from a script. As a result I don’t think they have actually used the AZ Millionaire Method system themselves.

I find it fairly easily to spot these scripted “actor” reviews, but many newcomers may not.

az millionaire method testimonials

They are usually very slick and professional and have very high quality HD footage and sound. It also looks a bit unnatural as though they are reading a script and do not fully understand what they are talking about.

Plus those kind of testimonials often make pretty outlandish income claims!

Whereas genuine customer reviews tend to be more natural and improvised with less professional frame setting and any proof of results seem to be more realistic.

Sure, the system creators of this Amazon affiliate marketing website may well be getting the kind of results they talk about on the sales page.

But it is very unlikely the typical customer of theirs will be able to replicate that success.

Summary Of AZ Millionaire Method Review

AZ Millionaire Method is the latest “make money online” product launch on the Clickbank marketplace.

Clickbank itself is a legitimate platform that handles payment and product delivery for the customer/vendor. They also have a network of affiliate marketers who can promote these offers in return for commissions.

Clickbank does not review each item on their platform for quality though and therefore does not endorse what is for sale. They simply handle the payment.

So whilst customers are in safe hands with this payment processor and marketplace, it does not mean the product itself delivers the goods.

You will probably learn some useful tactics for how to build an affiliate marketing website to promote Amazon products on so it is most probably not a scam.

But the way the offer is presented makes it seem that you can easily make millions of dollars with 1 website and only doing a little bit of work.

It are those unrealistic expectations that will cause some customers to quit early thinking it is a scam when they are not raking in the money right away.

However, if less hype was used on the sales presentation then those same people would be more patient and take their time to go through the training and implement what they have learnt.

Thanks for taking the time to go over my thoughts on AZ Millionaire Method.

Whilst many people make good money with their own Amazon affiliate websites, I actually prefer to promote digital products online.

That is because the commissions are much higher (usually around 50% or 75%) and that way you need to make much less sales per month to get to the stage of earning a full-time income online.

But when you are only getting 5% commissions you are going to need loads of daily website visitors which is going to be hard for most people just getting started.

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