Best Affiliate Marketing System 2020 – Automated Commissions?

Let’s see what makes up the best Affiliate Marketing System (2020).

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The best affiliate marketing system in 2020 is going to include the following ingredients.

  1. Squeeze Page – this is the front end of your automated affiliate marketing system. The focus in the internet marketing world should be to drive traffic to this page where visitors will enter in their email address and be added to your list.
  2. Sales Video Presentation – An automated sales video will be played immediately after the visitor has entered in their email address. This is the front end to your affiliate marketing sales funnel and it does all the selling and telling on your behalf.
  3. Upsell Sequence – After buying your initial front end affiliate product, the customer will be presented with a range of upsells. These are additional products for more advanced training/services etc. and will be at higher price points. This initial upsell sequence will help you increase your initial customer value to help break even from paid advertising costs with the likes of solo ads etc
  4. Email Follow-Up Sequence – Although not technically part of an affiliate marketing system, it is important to keep emailing your leads to send them back to the front end of your affiliate marketing sales funnel. Do this until they either buy your product or unsubscribe. Once they have made the initial purchase, then you can work and encouraging upgrades to your higher ticket, back end offerings.

Thanks for taking a look at this blog post to help you decide what to look out for with the best affiliate marketing systems in 2020.

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