Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners 2019

The best affiliate programs for beginners in 2019 will combine high ticket and recurring affiliate commissions.

It is hard to make a full-time income as a newbie with affiliate marketing when promoting low ticket items.

But with high ticket affiliate programs and recurring commissions it becomes much easier..

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Take action on these tips to best promote these affiliate programs for beginners:

High Ticket Affiliate Programs – Affiliate programs that really do work best will let you sell high ticket products as part of the overall sales funnel. For example, with most affiliate products you will sell a low ticket item and make a small commission and then the vendor will sell their own high ticket items to that customer on the backend and you won’t see any of that. But if you join an affiliate program that gives you lifetime cookie tracking as part of their sales funnel then you will get credited for all high ticket backend sales.

Sell Affiliate Products – As you do your online list building make sure you are selling products as an affiliate marketer to your leads. The aim is to try and break even on your paid advertising as quickly as possible. Look to find a really high converting and high paying affiliate program that you can use as your front end offer to recoup your advertising costs. Then promote high ticket opportunities and your main programs on the backend.

Banner Ads – Banner advertising is somewhat old school but can generate good network marketing leads. You simply go to a high traffic website that is ranked highly for your targeted keywords and pay to have your banner displayed in their side bar. Make a really eye catching banner to encourage clicks and send all traffic to a lead capture page

Internet Marketing – To gain financial freedom from home and to build a monthly residual income, internet marketing should be at the core of your MLM marketing home business ideas. Internet marketing is a way to automate your business by getting a stream of targeted traffic to your offer, to capture leads, and make sales on the follow up email sequence. You can easily buy a paid advertisment in an ezine newsletter, a banner ad, or setup a PPC campaign and get instant traffic to your website.

Direct Sales Internet Marketing – It is important for your company to fully understand the power of modern day internet marketing to make sales. You can much more easily and quickly reach a large audience online compared to offline selling and you can get to the stage where your marketing and selling is pretty much automated. The power of internet marketing is that when you get to the stage of knowing exactly your lifetime earnings per lead, then you know how much you can afford to spend on advertising or buying direct sales leads.

Information Marketing Online – I am a big fan of selling information products on the internet: video training courses, audio interviews, PDF ebooks etc. Information products are easy to sell in an automated manner and tend to have excellent conversions. You can also sell very high ticket information products that are in the thousands if the level of training is advanced enough to warrant that price point. When you have got to the stage of automating the sale of high ticket information products then you are on the right track.

Internet Network Marketing – It can be very powerful to combine the automated selling of top tier business opportunities with an internet network marketing system. This is where you not only make money off of your own sales, you make money from the sales of people that you recruit into the company. It is a great way to leverage the power of a team for significant residual income in your business.

Google Search – Trawl through Google looking for high paying affiliate programs and don’t just stop at the first page. Just keep searching for lots of different keyword combinations to find these programs. It is excellent if it takes you a long time to uncover a high ticket program hidden away somewhere, because then there is likely to be very little competition if no-one else can find it.

Blogging and Article Marketing for SEO Traffic – In terms of free traffic from writing content, I prefer to maintain a consistent output of fresh new articles and blog posts as opposed to just writing a few posts for major keywords that I then try to rank on Google. I think it is a better investment of time to write lots and lots of content around longtail keywords than just sending backlinks to one article in the hope Google will rank it on page 1.

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