Best Social Media Marketing Strategies 2019

Best Social Media Marketing Strategies 2019 – make more money in your small home based business by applying the best social media marketing strategies online today:

Forget Google – Don’t get stressed out over high Google rankings with your blog posts as that is the recipe to frustration. Instead, I recommend that you just get content typed up on a daily basis and keep at it. Over time the traffic will start to come in. It is an excellent idea to take your blog posts and share them with social media networking sites and that way you can get lots of instant traffic without relying on Google rankings.

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Make Money Blogging – This might not be an ultra quick method, but it does pick up speed very fast when you have been consistent with it. With blogging you need to commit to write daily blog posts each and every day no matter what. If you get to work and write 3 to 5 blog posts each and every day without fail you will have lots of traffic arriving to your website because Google will see you are posting lots of fresh new content and will give you authority (even if you are not an SEO expert). Most people will give up because the traffic does not come rolling in after 5 blog posts, but if you get up to 1000 blog posts then you will have more traffic than you can shake a stick at!

Network Marketing Sales Funnel – With all the free network marketing leads you will be generating using the above strategy you will want to make sure to send your visitors into a high converting sales funnel. That is why I believe that network marketing in 2013 should be all about joining companies that will let you plug-in to an existing sales funnel that operates somewhat like a vending machine: you send it leads, and it sends commissions right back out again.

Make Money Blogging With Affiliate Marketing – Now that you are publishing regular keyword targeted content to your blog it is important to send the traffic to an offer that will pay you lots of money. I like to make money blogging in 2013 with affiliate marketing by sending traffic to a squeeze page to build my email list and then to promote high paying affiliate programs to that email list.

Blogging and Article Marketing for SEO Traffic – In terms of free traffic from writing content, I prefer to maintain a consistent output of fresh new articles and blog posts as opposed to just writing a few posts for major keywords that I then try to rank on Google. I think it is a better investment of time to write lots and lots of content around longtail keywords than just sending backlinks to one article in the hope Google will rank it on page 1.

Sales Video Presentation – Whether you decide to sell a product or service on the internet I highly recommend making sure you have a professional sales video presentation in place before starting a home based business. Many people invest a lot of time and effort by travelling around the place doing meetings and speaking to people over the phone. But it is a far more effective use of your time to send people to an automated sales video presentation and then only talking to the leads that are ready to buy.

Take action on the best social media marketing strategies and home business success tips to take your small business to the next level in 2019.

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