Blogging For Business Tips 2019

Blogging For Business Tips 2019. Power strategies for how to monetize the traffic generated with your business blog.

I make a full-time income with my blogging for business blog in 2019 Hopefully these suggestions will help you do the same:

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CPA Affiliate Marketing – It is possible to make money online with affiliate marketing even without making a sale. Companies will pay you affiliate commissions just by referring leads to them. So if someone enters in their email address into a lead capture page that might be enough for you to get paid $2 to $5 for that lead. Also, CPA affiliate networks also have offers where you can get paid higher commissions when a customers requests a free trial of a business opportunity pack etc.

Generate Home Based Business Leads – Many people will join a home based business opportunity and then think it is a scam because they did not make money. But when you take closer look, those people were not generating any leads and you can’t blame the biz opps if you are not generating leads for it! So focus all of your efforts on marketing daily so that you are generating leads. Combine article marketing and video marketing for free home based business leads with paid advertising for quicker traffic to your offer.

Internet Marketing – In order to get people into your follow up sequence and to your sales video, you need to leverage modern day internet network marketing strategies to generate traffic and capture leads. There are many ways to do this including article marketing, video marketing, blogging, craigslist, social media marketing, paid advertising, banner ads, solo ads, Facebook PPC and much more. Just pick a few methods to drive traffic and add another source to the mix once you achieve success.

Network Marketing Funded Proposal – Instead of going in for the kill right from the get go and trying to recruit people into your top tier network marketing business opportunities, you can present a lower cost funded proposal product. This will be more generic in order to get as many people as possible to purchase it. These network marketing funded proposal commissions will help you more quickly break even on paid advertising and get more people into your sales funnel.

Clickbank – I started my online marketing career by promoting Clickbank products by creating Clickbank review sites. Some of them still make a bit of money. The way to do this is to target product name keywords and rank these product name keywords onto the front page of Google. This is highly targeted buyer traffic you are getting. But their is always the risk Google will come along and drop your rankings and sales could vanish over night. You need to also be careful of any overhyped Clickbank scams and only promote the high quality products that people get value from.

Do Not Quit Your Home Based Business – Many people see home based business failure because they quit too early. The people who succeed keep at it no matter what. Everyone experiences early struggles and the ones who earn money work through those struggles. There is also not enough patience in this industry. If you are doing free marketing such as blogging the it can take a few months for you to get traction with this and for the traffic to come in daily. Many people will quit before this, but the people who keep on writing blog posts and free content daily will have all the traffic they will ever need after 6 months of consistent hard work.

Competition Levels – If there is a lot of competition of people marketing the same home based business then that is a good sign that it works. Especially if you see the same person placing the same paid ad month after month for the same home business opportunity. That is an excellent sign that it works. Many people are put off by competition, but it is merely a sign that people are seeing good results with their marketing and you are therefore likely to do very well by getting your slice of the action. Be wary if no-one is making the effort to market the opportunity as it might not work!

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Programs – Whilst you only get a small percentge of each sale as an Amazon affiliate, you can earn big commissions by selling the really expensive items. So if you go into a category in the home and garden type area and sort by highest price first then you will see some very expensive items that you can promote. Just one sale of these a month would add up to a nice income. You can also find similar products on the likes of Commission Junction and Share A Sale.

No Convincing – Instead of having to give people reasons to join network marketing with you, it is your prospects that are going to need to do the convincing! Because if you have a constant stream of traffic and leads arriving to your business website then there will be no shortage of people willing to join and you won’t have to convince anyone of anything.

MLM / Network Marketing — These business models are very popular for work at home opportunity seekers. You are able to leverage the power of a team to build an automated online income. With network marketing and MLM opportunities from home you not only earn commissions when you make sales, but you earn commissions when your team members make sales as well. So when you build up a strong team the residual nature of the business model kicks in. You don’t have to be a natural leader with MLM marketing online, just the ability to make the most out of systems in place to build a team.

Competition – If lots of other people are consistently promoting the same business opportunities in the same ezine publications, website banners, PPC campaigns, solo ads listings etc. then that is a good sign that it works. Many people get put off by this and think it means the business opportunity is saturated. But I see it as an excellent opportunity to take advantage of all the free exposure all these other marketers are creating for you.

Take action on these techniques to make money by blogging for business in 2019.

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