BLOX 2.0 Review – Yes or No?

Welcome to my BLOX 2.0 review! My name is Adam, and I generate a full-time income on the internet focusing on traffic generation and list building. I’ve been doing this for over 10 years now, which gives me the experience to help you as you research BLOX 2.0. In this review, I will go over exactly how this system works and clear up any confusion about it.

I like what BLOX 2.0 has put together because it’s very much focused on affiliate marketing, list building, and conversions, which are significant focuses with my internet business. It’s a unique method that’s quite different from your typical product launch. It’s not one of these hyper AI chat GPT launches, which is refreshing to see.

BLOX 2.0 is much higher quality than the rehashed products that just give you some sort of AI tool to create an image or a blog post and don’t do much else. Basically, the way BLOX 2.0 works is that you are doing affiliate marketing by promoting other people’s products. Still, it’s done in a certain way where it’s not a specific promotion where you pick one product first and then try to create a campaign to create it. It’s more of a generic method where you can swap out the product you’ll promote. It’s a non-specific promotional method.

They have some quite good diagrams as part of the explainer videos where they explain the traditional way of doing affiliate marketing is to first find a product to promote, create your campaign, come up with some bonus packages if you want to offer that, and then you earn a commission by creating one specific campaign for one specific product. The way BLOX 2.0 works is slightly different in that they have this flip page, what they call a flip page, which promotes lots of other products in a generic way. So it’s not specific to one product. It’s presented in a certain way where you could just change the link out, and it would still be congruent, and it still makes sense to the customer to buy whatever specific product you refer.

As a member of BLOX 2.0, you get these done-for-you free systems you can give away as a marketer. One of them is called “Switch,” which is a free internet marketing system complete with training and instructions that your visitors can use themselves. But the catch is, in order to properly activate the full use of the system instead of actually going to an “add to cart” button where they pay for it, they go via a recommended affiliate product and buy that affiliate product in order to get access to their Switch system or whatever system you are using as part of BLOX 2.0. It’s quite a clever approach. Instead of promoting one affiliate product or promoting a system that has an “add to cart” button, you are simply giving away a free system. But in order for them to be able to properly use it to the fullest extent, they have to buy an affiliate product via your link, and then you earn a commission that way.

In conclusion, BLOX 2.0 offers a unique and effective approach to affiliate marketing, list building, and conversions. The system’s focus on promoting multiple products in a non-specific way through its flip page and free system offerings is a refreshing change from the typical product launch model. Additionally, the system’s emphasis on providing high-quality products and avoiding gimmicky AI tools is commendable.

While some may prefer a more traditional approach to affiliate marketing and may not be interested in offering bonuses or systems as part of their promotions, Blocks 2.0 provides a valuable option for those looking to try something new and potentially more effective.

Overall, my experience with Blocks 2.0 has been positive and I would recommend it to others in the affiliate marketing and online business space.