Bonus Bitcoin Review – Legit Faucet?

In my review of Bonus Bitcoin faucet we see if it’s a legit website to claim crypto or just a scam?

bonus bitcoin

As we dive into this Bonus Bitcoin review we will look at opinions that this could be some sort of ponzi scheme or a scam website to avoid.

Or whether it is actually a legitimate faucet that can be genuinely used to claim free bitcoin.

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Bonus Bitcoin Review – How It Works?

Bonus Bitcoin faucet works by letting you claim a (very) small amount of bitcoin for free.

You need to first register as a free member and then you can apply to have a certain amount of cryptocurrency send to your wallet that you setup via their recommended provider.

They say you can receive up to 5,000 satoshi but the amount does vary and will mostly be less than that.

It seems they work on a kind of prize draw where you get a random amount each time you try.

There does not seem to be any membership costs or anything you have to pay to join the Bonus Bitcoin Faucet program.

So from what I can see it is not an investment that you get a return on.

Simply a way to get some free bitcoin.

It is going to be a tiny amount, however.

Bonus Bitcoin Faucet Review – Is It A Scam?

Bonus Bitcoin Faucet looked a bit like a scam when I first glanced at it, but after a closer look I think it could be legit.

I was put off by the fact they have a referral program and pay 5% bonus.

So that made it sound like some sort of investment scheme where you refer others. And I would certainly avoid anything like that when you are promised a return in money by doing nothing but investing and referring.

But this does appear to be a genuine way to claim free crypto.

The way the website makes money is via the Bonus Bitcoin advertising they feature on the banners on the page.

That is why they say you are not allowed to use an adblocker, because that is how they monetize the service.

So they can afford to give people a small amount of bitcoin, because the earnings per click that they get from the banner ads is going to be more than the amount of crypto they give away.

It is almost a bit been given an incentive to visit a website with advertising on it, where people are getting paid a small amount to essentially view ads which will in turn generate a greater profit for both the website owner and the advertiser who is selling their product.

Summary of my Bonus Bitcoin Faucet Review

In summary on this review of the Bonus Bitcoin Faucet, it does appear to be a kind of win-win for all involved.

The user gets some free crypto.

The website owner makes money from people clicking the banner advertising.

The advertisers can make money by selling their products to people that click through to their website from these ads.

For most people, it is just going to be a bit of fun to claim some free bitcoin and get used to storing it in wallets and sending it around to become familiar with how the technology works.

It does not look like something users are going to earn any significant money from though, as the amounts paid out are going to be tiny.

There is also a referral program so some people will make more money by referring others to the system and get a percentage cut of the bitcoin giveaways that their referrals claim from the faucet.

But because the amounts are so small, I wouldn’t think the affiliates referring people to the Bonus Bitcoin faucet will make that much money either.

The people who will make the most will be the faucet owners from the advertising space they are selling on the website.

Any how, I hope this review of Bonus Bitcoin Faucet was of help.

I am not an affiliate of this program and not recommending it. But on first glance it does seem to be monetized from advertising rather than their being a “catch” that requires people to pay some kind of membership fee.

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