Buyer Solo Ads (Lists That Actually Exist?)

There is confusion at exactly what buyer solo ads entail, and the difference between other terms such as buyers list solo ads.

I am a full-time internet marketer, so I hope my ramblings on this topic will enlighten you somewhat on traffic generation and list building in the affiliate marketing niche!

Buyer Solo Ads

Buyer solo ads and buyers list solo ads are pretty much the same thing.

It is when an email list owner sends out an advertisement to their email list, that has proven product buyers on it.

So the only way someone can have a buyers list is if they actually have a product to sell!

But most solo ads vendors online only sell traffic or promote affiliate offers!

So how can they tell who the buyers on their list are?

Answer: they can’t!

So essentially, what a vendor means when they say “buyers included” in their buyer solo ads ads listing…is that they will send to their entire list, which is a combination of freebie seekers and potential buyers. Anyone who does buy on the list is not segmented onto a second buyers list.

So that is why almost all traffic sellers say “buyers included”.

It just means they don’t sell a product so they have not segmented buyers onto a second higher quality list that they keep to themself.

In most cases when someone advertises buyer solo ads, that is what they are doing. It is not that they have a second higher quality list that they will also mail your ad to!

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Buyers List Solo Ads

OK, so the actual real instances where someone is selling legitimate buyers list solo ads is when they are a product vendor themself.

The way to tell if they have a real buyers list is if you can see they have information products that they are selling.

These will be people who have products listed for sale on WarriorPlus or Clickbank or run CPA affiliate offers.

These people will be able to tell who is a proven buyer, segment them into a second higher quality mailing list, and only use them only for selling more expensive solo ads to or mailing out their own higher quality promotions.

But most vendors on website such as Udimi do not sell their own products and therefore do not have a buyers list!

By the way, check out my post about a Udimi alternative for solo ads which contains some cool list building and conversion tips.

They just have one big list which will contain some people who have purchased affiliate offers in the past, but they don’t know who they are so just leave them all on the same list!

Create Your Own Solo Ads Buyers List

Here is a cool way to create your own solo ads buyers list, even if you don’t have a product to sell are a just promoting affiliate offers.

An affiliate network will usually give you a Conversion IP Address. Copy & paste this into your email service provider (Aweber, GetResponse etc.) and see if it matches with someone who has opted-in to your list.

If so, you can manually move this person over to a second buyers list, where you are less aggressive with your email marketing and only selectively email higher quality content and promotions to.

Also, if you have click tracking software, they will usually have a tool that lets you search for an IP address and then it will say which tracking links from you they have clicked on before…even if a few months ago. This way you can see if a sale can be linked back to a specific solo ads vendor.

Where To Buy Solo Ads

The best vendors to buy solo ads from are vendors who either have their own products that they sell or are marketers who promote affiliate products a lot of the time.

I don’t think it is a good idea to buy solo ads from vendors who only ever sell traffic and don’t monetize their email list in any other way apart from selling solo ads over and over again.

If a vendor mails out affiliate offers most of the time (and the occasional solo ad) then they are probably making good money and have buyers on their list (even if they don’t segment them).

The best way to find these vendors is to opt-in to lots of different email lists (use a separate email account just for this purpose) and see what people are mailing out. Eventually you will end up on the list of a vendor and you can look at their mailing activity to decide whether you think they are worth buying traffic from or not.

Hopefully this post has given you a good bit of information to think about as you go about your solo ads buying and list building journey!

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