Cash For Patriots Program Review – Is It Real?

In my review of Cash For Patriots Program we shall see what you get after enrollment – is Cash For Patriots real?

cash for patriots

Within this blog post on the Cash For Patriots Program review we shall look at the sales page and sign up application structure, testimonials, and what you actually get as part of enrollment to the program.

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I have seen Cash For Patriots promoted online so I thought I would write a quick post about it!

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Cash For Patriots Program Review – Real Investment?

Cash For Patriots Program application seems to be about learning how to take advantage of tax changes in the U.S to pocket some extra money for retirement.

It does not look to be an official Government program though, but rather a service by the company Agora Financial that sells their own investment education services.

So Cash For Patriots Program subscription is not an investment in itself, but access to their educational material and regular email updates in the world of investing and saving on taxes.

It seems members will be educated on how to take advantage of certain regulations and loopholes to best legally arrange their finances in order to save on their taxes and better plan for the future….rather than actually generating wealth and saving money simply by signing-up and not doing anything.

It does look like a legitimate service, but the way it is presented is slightly confusing in that it is hard to tell whether it is a government program, an investment itself, or just an education product.

Cash For Patriots Program – What Do You Get?

The Cash For Patriots Program enrollment sign up page at is actually a sales checkout mechanism for a product called “Lifetime Income Report”.

It appears that Cash For Patriots is one part of the education that you receive as part of this membership.

Here is what you get as part of the Lifetime Income Report:

  • Cash For Patriots Program – this is what the sales video presentation is referring to. It appears to be an educational report providing information on how to collect monthly checks on tax savings by taking advantage of regulation changes.
  • Patriot Check Calendar
  • Big Book of Income as a Free Bonus Guide
  • Learn about the “Secret Transaction” that is supposed to have the potential to generate monthly income
  • Training on taking advantage of regulation “loopholes” to help save on mortgage payments.
  • Email Updates for Cash For Patriots Members
  • Customer Support
  • Additional material to learn about financial strategies for additional tax savings and investments for retirement
  • The Daily Edge Updates – the team seems to be active in providing regular updates in the wold of news, politics, regulation, market movements etc. to keep members on top of the trends and to give them the edge to help protect retirement savings.

Cash For Patriots Program Testimonials

Testimonials for the Cash For Patriots Program are featured as part of the sales process.

These are typed out on the sales page with quote review snippets.

I prefer to see screenshots of emails and social media posts or a 3rd party verification service for more transparency with online reviews.

But they do sound legitimate and they are not making any outlandish income claims or unrealistic promises like many other programs out there today.

It is good to see a variety of different opinions in these testimonials.

Most customers are referring to the Lifetime Income Report service and various “tips” and “suggestions” for managing their investments and learning about taxes in general.

So that does seem to confirm that the program is not an “investment” that will result in you getting paid checks by the company.

Rather, they are a publishing company providing you with an education on how to take actions yourself in the world of tax and finance based on what you learn.

It is also good to see that the members sound like they are impressed with the responsiveness of the team behind this service and the updates so they do not feel like they are left to go at it alone.

Summary of Cash For Patriots Program Review

In summary of my review of Cash For Patriots Program, it appears to be an internet marketing sales funnel process that leads you into application and enrollment into a subscription for the Lifetime Income Report by the Agora Financial Publishing company.

It could be easy to be confused into thinking that it is an investment program or an official government program that you apply to join.

But rather, it is training material that teaches you how to stay on top of regulatory changes to save as much tax as possible and to make better, more informed investment decisions leading to retirement.

This is a real subscription service by a real team of entrepreneurs/investors and it does seem like they are very proactive in keeping members in the loop of various changes that are occurring in the financial world.

Hopefully my quick thoughts were of help on the Cash For Patriots Program.

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