Cash Money Sites Review – $1,000’s or Scam?

Hiya, in my review of Cash Money Sites we see if the niche ambassador system makes income or is a scam?

Cash Money Sites Review – Niche Ambassador Scam?

Cash Money Sites is being sold on the Clickbetter platform for $47. I believe it was previously sold via Clickbank instead.

However, a lot of these “make money online” opportunities have now moved over to Clickbetter.

In this review of Cash Money Sites we can reveal that is looks to be an affiliate marketing website builder software that you get as the product.

The actual product name was listed as “Niche Ambassador” on the checkout page so perhaps they are in the process of rebranding the offer

The sales page is quite vague, so we will dive a bit further into what you are likely to experience with this type of offering.

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Cash Money Sites Review – Is It A Scam?

In my Cash Money Sites review it is worth starting with seeing if it is a scam or a real & legitimate opportunity?

cash money sites

Not sure if it can be classified as a scam. Because if someone brand new to the industry is able to build their own affiliate marketing website and get it up and running with this system then it may well be worth the entrance fee of $47.

But I don’t think a hyped-up system like this is the best way to get started in this industry.

That is because they give you completely unrealistic expectations from all the hype in the sales video.

They make it seem like your website is already up and running and making commissions for you.

But that is not going to be the case and a bit of work and setup is going to be needed at the very least.

Affiliate Marketing With Cash Money Sites

Cash Money Sites niche ambassador system provides you with software to create your own affiliate marketing website.

The way affiliate marketing works is that you build a website to generate traffic on the internet.

There are 2 types of site: a blog and a squeeze page.

With a blog you are aiming to get free traffic from the search engines by publishing daily content.

With a squeeze page you directly drive traffic to your one-page site via paid traffic and social media and then capture an email address before redirecting to a paid offer.

Either way, the aim is to get daily clicks from your website onto affiliate sales pages that will pay you a commission if a sale is made.

This is a really cool process and a great way to start building your own online business in a flexible manner.

It is recommended to build an email list as part of this process so you can follow-up and promote additional products and services for ongoing commissions.

So whilst this is a legitimate business model, I don’t think Cash Money Sites is the best introduction to this as a newbie, since you are going at it alone trying to figure it out for yourself.

It is better for them to give you realistic step-by-step training for how to build your website up for the long run, rather than making you think it is possible to make a ton of money in just a few clicks.

Cash Money Sites Testimonials – Real Customers?

Cash Money Sites testimonials are included on the sales page.

But are these reviews from real customers? Or just fake?

I recognize a lot of those faces appearing in other make money online product launches so it does seem they have hired freelancers to read from a script for these videos.

You can tell because they are shot in high definition and a professional manner. The speech also seems quite scripted and unnatural.

Also, they make some big income claims which do not sound believable at all.

Perhaps the system creators have used those income figures to represent what they themselves are making on the internet.

But they are going to have a ton of experience and a big email list so is not going to be a realistic representation of what beginners can achieve with the system.

I actually prefer sales videos without all these testimonials embedded into them and just have the narrator explain in more detail how the system works and what to expect inside the members area.

The big income claims from paid freelancers tends to put me off these offers and probably a lot of other visitors as well.

Cash Money Sites Review Summary – Worth A Try?

To finish of my review of Cash Money Sites, it appears you get some sort of website builder software to create your own affiliate marketing website.

Whether this includes existing “done for you” pages or if you need to create them from scratch using the system is not clear.

Either way, if a newbie is able to get their own site up and running with the service quicker than if they were to try and figure it out for themselves then it is probably not a scam.

However, many people are going to go into this system thinking it is going to be super quick and easy to make the kind of money the “customer” testimonials on the sales page talk about.

Then when they find out that there is more work and effort needed to make this thing work, then they may well quit and not give it a proper go.

It is more the way that this is presented that will course people to quit rathe than what is on the inside.

And as with many of these new product launches, I often feel it is other marketers promoting the offer to their existing email lists that will make the most money from it and not the actual customers using the service.

In any case, thanks for stopping by my post on Cash Money Sites.

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