Cash Point ATM Review – $500 a Day Scam?

Cash Point ATM Review – we look at whether the website makes $500 Per Day or is it a Cash Point ATM scam to avoid?

Cash Point ATM Review – Cookie Cutter Website

Cash Point ATM (found at the website) is a new product launch that lots of marketers will be promoting right now, so there is bound to be quite a bit of hype surrounding this system.

Perhaps you got an email yourself about it yourself?

This review of Cash Point ATM reveals how this is a cookie cutter style sales page like other recent launches going by the names of Website ATM and Profit Point Autonomy.

The layout and feel of the websites are almost identical, so that type of sale pitch must be converting quite well for the vendors and affiliates alike.

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Cash Point ATM Review – Scam or Legit?

In my Cash Point ATM Review I will first chat about the style of this sales page at and the hard-selling tactics used to get you to make the purchase.

It is an affiliate offer that lots of people will be promoting right now.

Whilst the cost of the product is $47, marketers will earn around $65 per sale that is made.

This is known as Cost Per Action (CPA) marketing and the payouts per sale are often higher than the cost of the product!

That is because the product vendor has additional, more expensive products that they will sell to the same customers on the backend and via email follow-up over the coming weeks.

So they know they can afford to pay out a commission at a higher cost than the initial product, because they will make it back (and more) with the upgrades.

The sales page looks quite similar for many of these recent affiliate launches.

They have the “$500 Per Day” slogan at the top, with a hype-filled sales video presentation spoken by a professional voice over artist, “customer” testimonials embedded into the video, and also some quite outlandish income claims about how people are supposedly making money by clicking a few buttons!

It is hard to tell if there is a Cash Point ATM scam or not, but I would not think a hard-selling program like this claiming that you can make thousands of dollars without doing any work (not likely!) is going to be the best way to get started in the online business world.

How Does Cash Point ATM Really Work?

Cash Point ATM system says they have a money making website for you to activate.

And the way it is presented, it gives the impression that the website is going to also do the marketing for you.

In essence, they claim you can make money by doing nothing!

By the looks of the brief Cash Point ATM website example screenshots they are creating niche websites that are monetized by promoting physical products as an affiliate.

So you are likely going to be linking to listings on Amazon or other digital retailers and getting paid a commission if you refer a new customer to the vendor.

This overall process of creating websites, marketing them online, and diverting the visitors to a product sales page that will pay you an affiliate commission is a legit one.

It is what I have done for many years working from home and is really cool!

But for just $47 you are very unlikely to be getting a professional website that will also be generating traffic for you without you doing any work.

You may well get a site template with content that is of some value, and some internet marketing training to help get you started.

But you are going to need to take action and effectively market it on the internet in order to generate visitors.

There are lots of different strategies you can choose from such as social media marketing, blogging, YouTube, forums, email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) etc.

But those people that just sit back and expect visitors to magically arrive at the site are likely to be very disappointed.

Cash Point ATM Testimonials?

With the video presentation there are a number of Cash Point ATM testimonials that are supposedly from real customers.

But the delivery of the lines sounds very scripted to me and the big income claims that are being reported are not realistic to expect a beginner to be able to achieve.

With many of these new affiliate marketing systems, I get the impression that they have paid actors to do the testimonials to try and increase their sales conversions.

Perhaps they are acting as a representation of real customer results, but these would be handpicked for the best performers and I highly doubt the typical member of the program is going to be able to get anywhere near those kind of results.

I liked the fact they did provide some screenshots of example websites to go alongside these customer reviews.

By looking at those screenshots, it does appear that they are giving members ecommerce style affiliate sites that promote physical products that are shipped to the front door of the customer.

But you are going to need tons of daily visitors to websites like this in order to generate any significant income with it.

Cash Point ATM Review Summary – Worth A Try?

To wrap up this Cash Point ATM review, there are several points that I don’t like the look of with this sales page.

The main thing is the fact that new members are likely to get the impression that they can make lots of money with their own website, but without actually doing the work to market it!

I do affiliate marketing for a full-time income and I think it is a great business model to learn skills for.

However, it is consistent marketing activities (social media, videos, blog posts, SEO etc.) that will get visitors and generate sales.

It is not something where you can simply buy a website for $47 and they will get all the sales for you without you putting in any work or learning any new skills….it does not work like that!

As always, I think the people that make the most money will be those promoting the system itself to earn their affiliate commissions rather than customers using these $47 websites themselves.

Having said that, if a high quality website template is provided along with some good initial marketing training then there is probably not a Cash Point ATM scam.

But the unrealistic expectations provided on the sales page is likely to disappoint many new users when they realize it is not as easy as they were told!

In any case, thanks for stopping by my review in this blog post.

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