Cash Sniper Review – $3,500 Scam?

My review of Cash Sniper finds out if an instant $3,500 is possible or is it just a scam in 2019?

I just noticed an email promoting Cash Sniper in my inbox and perhaps you received one as well.

I actually keep a separate gmail inbox specifically for looking at these new launches when they come out. It is always good to see what other affiliates are promoting right now.

So in this blog post I will look at this new product launch and whether beginners can expect to get results with it or not.

These opinions come from my years of experience as working from home as a full-time affiliate marketer and I hope they will be of use to you.

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Cash Sniper Review

Cash Sniper .co is the latest Clickbank system launch in the “make money online” section of the marketplace.
cash sniperThis review will see how Cash Sniper is supposed to help people generate an income online as well as look at the tactics they are using to try and get you to buy their product.

One of the first things that jumped out at me when I saw this sales page was the product price point of $9.

Just $9 is quite an unusual price for these affiliate marketing Clickbank launches.

They are usually $37.

Having said that, recent launches of 7 Minutes Daily Profits and Bulletproof Profits also use that same 9 dollar price.

As a result I would have to assume it is converting traffic into sales very nicely, and generating a good earnings per click for affiliates, for more and more products to want to use that pricing structure.

But will you get good value even for that low price?

And is it possible to make money with the strategy they teach? Let us take a look.

Cash Sniper Affiliate Marketing System

This Cash Sniper review can start out by revealing that the strategy they teach you to make money with is affiliate marketing.

The good news is that this is a legitimate business model.

It is all about building your own simple website and doing online advertising (free, paid or both) to drive traffic to your site. And then when someone clicks through to a product sales page and makes a purchase after having first visited your site then you get paid a commissions.

I do affiliate marketing as a full-time income and have been doing so for a good number of years now so I know that it is a great business model and well worth getting started with.

The problem with Cash Sniper, however, is the unrealistic way they present the product on the sales page.

Big income claims are made both by the vendor and in the user testimonials.

And the user testimonials do not even look like they are from actual customers, but rather paid actors.

And to top everything off they use fake scarcity to try and pressure you into buying. They claim that only a limited amount of spots remain, but then this number just resets itself if you try again later.

Is It A Scam?

Might not be a Cash Sniper scam, because many of these new product launches (even the hyped-up ones like Secret Millionaire Bot) often have some training of value in the members area.

So newbies will likely pick up a useful strategy or two that can be applied to their online business.

cash sniper scam

And affiliate marketing is most certainly not a scam. It is a legitimate business model that many people all over the world are taking advantage of in order to generate residual income in a very flexible manner.

But customers of may well think it is a scam if they do not achieve the same kind of results that the customer testimonials featured on the website indicate.

Affiliate marketing is an ongoing process of doing daily advertising, learning and improving as you go along and continuously tweaking your methods.

Sometimes it slow at first, but with consistency things can quickly build up to a healthy income.

But this sales video presentation makes it appear that anyone can just click a few buttons and they will be making hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.

So when a beginner realises there is more to it than what the sales page told them they might be disappointed and think it is a scam.

But if the presentation was less hyped-up they would be more likely to stick at it for a longer time period and would thus have a much higher chance of seeing success.

Real Cash Sniper Customer Testimonials?

The testimonials for Cash Sniper do not look real to me.

Real reviews from customers are normally quite unprofessionally filmed and are improvised.

But the videos they have embedded into the sales presentation are very unnatural and scripted, plus they are framed in a studio-like professional manner.

cash sniper testimonials

Unrealistic income claims are also made. The typical beginner is not going to suddenly be making 100K/month or 3.5K in a day just by buying a $9 product.

It is definitely possible to generate a healthy profit with online marketing, but it is a long term process that should be enjoyed and way of quickly becoming a millionaire.

Summary Of Cash Sniper Review

In summary of this review of Cash Sniper, it uses the business model of affiliate marketing as the basis for creating a system and training product around.

There is probably going to be some interesting techniques to learn, but with just a $9 price point there is likely to be some product upgrades that are going to be required to get the full training and system.

Whilst affiliate marketing is a great business model to get involved with, Cash Sniper is probably not the best way to get started in this industry.

That is because of the hype and income claims made in the sales video.

Also, it is much better to have a real entrepreneur behind the system who reveals their face and real identify and does not hide behind a fake pen name.

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