CB Wealth Review – $25,921 in 30 Days?

My CB Wealth review sees if this system really makes 25K in 30 Days or is there a CBWealth.Net scam taking place.

In this review of CB Wealth, we will talk about what the money making strategy actually is, whether it works, and if there is a CB Wealth scam or not.

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cb wealth

CB Wealth Review

CB Wealth .net is a Clickbank affiliate marketing launch. This review sees whether it really makes money or if it is a scam.

Not sure about a CB Wealth scam, but the testimonials in the sales video presentation do not seem at all realistic.

The voice over artist starts the video by quoting a number of customer reviews, which all make very outlandish income claims of having earned thousands of dollars in just a few days.

Whilst it is certainly possibly to scale your online business to exciting heights in this industry, it is not believable that a complete beginner will be raking in thousands right away with the very first system they activate.

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How CB Wealth Works

CB Wealth .Net makes it very unclear on the money making strategy that customers will learn about is.

This is likely to be deliberate, because by giving away as little information as possible it creates intrigue and makes people want to buy the product just to discover the “secret” about how all that money is being made on the internet.

It does look like CB Wealth is an affiliate marketing training program though.

This is where you learn how to create your own website and to promote them on the internet.

The goal is to get lots of daily visitors with your marketing activities and then get those people to click on links on your website known as affiliate links.

This will direct people to an online sales page and it will track if a purchase was made and pay you a commission if so.

CB Wealth teaches you the basic step-by-step method to get started doing this. It is a real business model that works, but they do make it sound much easier and quicker than it is in reality.

Is CB Wealth A Scam?

CB Wealth may not be a scam as you will probably learn a few useful internet marketing techniques inside the members area.

It is just that the sales page is just full of hype and smoke/mirrors so I am not convinced this is a particularly great place to start for those looking to learn about the affiliate marketing industry.

cb wealth review

Many people will go into this system thinking that they can make thousands overnight like the CB Wealth testimonials suggested.

But then they may find it is not quite as simple as first thought, and as a result will quit.

But it is worth sticking around and learning about how this industry works and how to get daily traffic online to build your own business. It is just the hopes of making quick money that makes people think it is a scam when in reality it just takes consistency and a bit of time.

CB Wealth Affiliate Marketing Tips

As part of my review of CB Wealth .Net, I want to go over some of my affiliate marketing tips to help out those newbies to the industry.

What took me from struggling to get anywhere on the internet for a few years in a row, to earning a full-time income online was to focus on 2 things: 1) plugging-in to a system and 2) driving traffic.

That is it.

It is all about sending consistent traffic (clicks or web visitors) on the internet to a sales funnel system that will convert those clicks into leads, and leads into sales of affiliate offers.

It completely simplifies that process of making money with an online business if all you have to think about each day is how to send more clicks to your affiliate marketing system.

So stop worrying about “tactics” and different “business models”. Just activate a sales funnel system and focus on sending traffic into it on a consistent, daily basis.

I have talked about sales funnels on this blog as part of my Funnel X ROI and Fearless Momma posts.

Summary Of My CB Wealth Review

CB Wealth is a typical launch in the Clickbank E-Business & Marketing section. It gives out very little information on what the system involves, yet makes some very big income claims of so called customers who are already raking in the cash.

There is a lack of transparency with the anonymous voice over artist doing the video presentation and no screenshots or proof of where the testimonials came from.

There will most probably be some interesting strategies as part of the training in the members area, so it may not be a complete scam. But the unrealistic expectations will really hold many people thank.

In any case, thanks for reading through my CB Wealth review.

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