Click Wealth System Review – Paychecks in 5 Minutes?

Hey, welcome to my Click Wealth System Review. Gets a legit paycheck in 5 minutes or just a Click Wealth System scam?

click wealth system

For my review of Click Wealth System I have purchased this Clickbank product by Matthew Tang and taken a look at the inside of the members area login to report my findings!

I have been working from home as a full-time internet marketer for the last 8 years now so I have seen lot of these products come and go over the years.

I hope my thoughts on “Click Wealth System” will be of help to you as you do your own research.

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Click Wealth System Review

Let’s start my Click Wealth System review by going over the basics about how this Clickbank product works.

Click Wealth System is a “done for you” affiliate marketing sales funnel that customers can use to drive traffic to in order to build their email list and promote the Click Wealth System affiliate program on Clickbank for 60% commissions.

The program is based around “Profit Pages”, which is another word for “Lead Capture Pages”.

This is where the visitors that you send to your website will be invited to enter in their email address in exchange for discovering your secret system.

This way you are building your email list and can promote Click Wealth System or any other affiliate products to them in the follow-up.

I like the way that this program is based around doing affiliate marketing via list building, as I found this was the #1 thing to focus on when I got started to take me to the stage where I was doing this as a full-time income.

Is Click Wealth System a Scam?

No I don’t think Click Wealth System is a scam.

I purchased the product and had a look inside the members area.

Click Wealth System testimonials out there may well, however, not be happy about the fact that the sales funnel is designed to resell the Click Wealth System itself rather than another offer.

I think it would be good if you had the ability to change the affiliate link that your new subscribers are diverted to after entering in their email address. That level of customization would be a good improvement to make.

But you can promote ANY affiliate offer or product to your subscribers on the backend with daily broadcast emails.

You have 100% control of the leads you generate via your GetResponse account so it is a long term investment for your affiliate marketing business whether you continue with Click Wealth System itself or move onto promoting other opportunities.

Click Wealth System Pros & Cons

Here are the main things I like the look of with Click Wealth System, as well as a few things I am less keen on.

Click Wealth System Advantages

  • Focus on list building – the most profitable task you can do in your online business is to build a big email list so that you can get traffic on tap and generate affiliate commissions each time you send out an email. Click Wealth System is very much focused on this task.
  • Facebook Community – As a member you can join the free Facebook Group where you can learn from the success and trial/error of other members as well as get tips from Matthew Tang himself and other top affiliate marketers.
  • Step by Step Approach – The members area is organized in such a way that to prevent information overwhelm for newbies. You do a simple task and then click the “completed” button and you can then move to the next step. Repeat this 7 times and you have the system setup and ready to go.

click wealth system review

Click Wealth System Disadvantages

  1. Lack of customization – You can’t edit the squeeze pages or the affiliate re-direct link as a basic level member. So more advanced marketers will be disappointed in that, but for the typical beginner the “done for you” pages and sales funnel process will be more than enough to get started.
  2. More overview training – a possible Click Wealth System disadvantage is that there is not an explainer video to highlight what are “normal” results so members can have a long term approach to what they should expect to keep on track and not get discouraged. The welcome video and FB Group help with this though, but more of a long term overview of the list building process would be good to keep members motivated and focused on the process.

Summary Of Click Wealth System Review – Yes or No?

In summary for my review of Click Wealth System, I think it is a cool new Clickbank program.

It focuses on the basics: getting an affiliate marketing sales funnel set up that gets users to drive traffic to a lead capture page so that they can build their email list and promote affiliate offers.

Yes, you start off by promoting the Click Wealth System itself but with the email list you generate you can promote other products with the broadcast messages that you send out.

It is similar to other top Clickbank products such as 12 Minute Affiliate and Perpetual Income 365, but at a lower price since it is a one time purchase to use the Click Wealth System funnel and there is no recurring billing.

Anyhow, thanks for taking a read of my Click Wealth System review!

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