Cliqly Review – Is Legit?

Cliqly Review – legit affiliate program at for promoting a bulk email marketing platform or a scam to stay well away from?

My Cliqly Review looks at the red flags associated with, we talk about where the subscribers actually come from, and also the pros & cons of the Cliqly affiliate program.

My name is Adam from Web Traffic Toolkit, and I’ve been generating a full-time income on the internet through digital marketing for over 10 years. I’m highly focused on traffic generation and list building, and I hope to share my insights on the Cliqly system and their approach to email marketing and list building based on my previous experiences.

Cliqly Review: The Business Model

Cliqly offers an intriguing business model that grants you access to a pool of email subscribers whom you can send emails to. The monetization of these emails revolves around a cost-per-click affiliate program, where Cliqly is willing to pay you per click you generate. Additionally, you can earn commissions by promoting the Cliqly affiliate program itself or by promoting your own outside affiliate offers and business opportunities. This variety of monetization options provides flexibility in leveraging the subscribers you acquire through Cliqly.

My Cliqly Review reveals that this operates similarly to co-registration (co-reg) leads, where you purchase bulk leads that other marketers also have the rights to email. When individuals opt into an email opt-in form to learn more about a business opportunity, they may unknowingly grant permission for their details to be shared with other marketers. As a Cliqly member, you gain the ability to send emails to these subscribers alongside other marketers who possess the same rights.

In my Turnkey Email Biz Review of Cliqly it is important to note that co-reg leads are generally considered lower quality leads since they receive emails from multiple sources, and they might not be familiar with you specifically. However, top marketers often utilize this co-reg lead approach to guide these subscribers from the bulk list to their own more responsive lists through list segmentation. Cliqly’s members area provides an option to upgrade to an email mailer service, which aids in managing list segmentation. By tracking who opens and clicks emails, you can gradually move the more responsive individuals to a separate list. The ultimate goal is to encourage them to opt into your own squeeze page and become a more engaged and responsive subscriber on your main email autoresponder account, such as GetResponse.

Cliqly Vs. Solo Ads and Safe List Marketing

While Cliqly’s approach shares similarities with other paid email marketing methods, such as solo ads and safe list marketing, there are distinct differences worth highlighting. Solo ads involve paying a marketer to send out promotions to individuals who have specifically requested offers from that marketer. These subscribers are not automatically added to other lists and have a higher degree of responsiveness compared to co-reg leads. Safe list marketing, on the other hand, relies on credit mailers, where members agree to click on other members’ emails in exchange for credits. Safe lists consist of active individuals already involved in business opportunities.


Cliqly’s bulk email approach is different from both solo ads and safe list marketing. It entails purchasing credits to email co-reg leads, allowing you to reach a wider audience. Although co-reg leads may not be as responsive as leads you generate yourself, they can still hold value. Cliqly members who succeed with this bulk emailing strategy are typically adept at segmenting their lists, maximizing their resources, and effectively tracking data. They may also tap into sources that offer discounts for bulk email leads. Implementing this advanced strategy requires trial and error, but it can provide a valuable learning experience.

Cliqly Review Conclusion: Getting Your Own Leads

In my experience, generating your own leads remains the best approach for long-term success in digital marketing. While Cliqly offers a convenient way to access subscribers, it’s crucial to establish your own traffic sources and build a responsive email list of individuals who specifically opt in to receive your information. By consistently engaging with your list and directing them to high-converting affiliate programs, you can achieve favorable results. If you’re interested in discovering my number one system for digital marketing, which emphasizes traffic generation and list building, click the link in the video description below.

I hope my review of Cliqly has provided you with valuable insights into how this platform operates. Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions. All the best on your digital marketing journey!