Club Shanghai Secret Review – $128,538 System Scam?

My review of Club Shanghai Secret (2019) looks at this new Clickbank system launch. Is it a Shanghai Secret scam or legit?

Club Shanghai may not be a scam, but the income claim in the heading does seem pretty high. This review will reveal the strategy behind the Shanghai Secret system.

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Club Shanghai Review

Club Shanghai (also known as the $7 Shanghai Secret) is a make money online system launched on the Clickbank platform. This review looks at how the money is actually made and whether it really works or if it is just a scam.

shanghai secret system

Probably not a Club Shanghai scam as they do seem to be teaching an innovate marketing technique that should be of interest to anyone in the online business world whether they are brand new or already have their own products and services to promote.

However, the income examples seem very high and give out unrealistic expectations.

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The Marketing Strategy For Club Shanghai

Club Shanghai teaches customers an internet marketing strategy that involves using the messenger applications on social media platforms.

In exchange for the $7 Shanghai Secret system, step-by-step training for how to interact with people and promote products to them on these messenger platforms is taught.

This is interesting to see and is a refreshing change to the typical ecommerce marketing training guides that are being released on Clickbank nowadays.

The obvious thing that would be a drawback to the messenger marketing approach is that it is open to abuse by people who decide to spam their advertisements all over these websites.

Instead of a mass untargeted spam approach of messaging random people, this type of marketing is best done by building relationships first. Value should be provided in the form of helpful tips and resources before a high quality product is recommended to them.

Shanghai Secret System – $128,000 in 13 Clicks?

Club Shanghai Secret is most probably not going to make 128K in 13 clicks for the typical newbie who buys this system!

To be fair, they are probably not claiming that their customers are going to be able to replicate that level of success.

club shanghai system review

These income claims normally refer to the possibilities and potential the industry has to offer. It is only going to be experienced entrepreneurs and big businesses that are going to be making the really big cash with this type of method.

There is probably going to be some useful tips and strategies to learn as part of Club Shanghai though.

It is just that the sales video gives people the expectations of making tons of money quickly when they buy the program and that is unlikely to be the case for the typical user.

Club Shanghai Discount

The Club Shanghai discount price is at $7. However, in the sales video they claim that the original price was $450 and that it is currently at a limited time discount offer.

I find that hard to believe, so it may be fake scarcity trying to get as many people as possible to rush in and buy their product as quickly as possible.

There is another similar Clickbank product on the marketplace to Shanghai Secret, and it is called The China Secret. That offer is just $9 and this offer is $7. I find it unlikely the price is suddenly going to shoot up to $450 for the same type of internet marketing training content.

WeChat Messenger Marketing

WeChat is the social media platform that has inspired the creation of this product.

It is a huge industry with millions of active users on the platform. It is showing you how others have taken advantage from this database of users to target them via messenger for advertising purposes.

But how is WeChat messenger marketing going to actually make money? Or using other platforms such as Facebook?

The answer is with affiliate marketing.

This is where you provide a link for someone to click through to a product that you have recommended to them. If they go on to complete the purchase the you earn a commission for the sale as the link tracks it back to you as the referring affiliate.

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model that is being used by many entrepreneurs all over the world.

I known it is the real deal, because it is how I earn a full-time income online.

What Club Shanghai have done with their “Shanghai Secret” training product is to combine the innovate tactic of messenger and webchat marketing with the tried and trusted affiliate marketing business model.

Club Shanghai Review Summary

In summary, Club Shanghai looks like an interesting product that teaches you how to make money with the unique messenger marketing approach.

There is likely to be some valuable tips and tricks to be learnt in this program, however the income claims give people unrealistic expectations and they may therefore quit if it is not as quick and easy to make money with as they first thought.

It is also going to be important for members to not use spam and mass advertising methods on these social media platforms or they will get their accounts banned.

Affiliate marketing works best when value is provided up front and then followed up with the subtle option to click through to an affiliate sales page for a product that will genuinely help the user solve a problem.

Anyway, thanks for checking out my Club Shanghai system review.

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