Commission Ignitor Review – 3 to 5 Paychecks Scam?

Hiya, it’s my The Commission Ignitor Review – gets a legit 3 to 5 paychecks per week or a Commission Ignitor Scam?

commission ignitor review

The Commission Ignitor Review – New Business Opportunity?

In my review of The Commission Ignitor I will look at the sales process of this product lanched via domain to see if it is likely to deliver the goods or not.

The Commission Ignitor is not a new business opportunity in itself, but rather a new front end sales page that funnels customers into The Super Affiliate Network via checkout domain.

But is it legit or a The Commission Ignitor scam?

I have seen lots of these type of offers come and go over the years (I work from home as a full-time digital marketer).

So I hope my quick opinions will help in your research.

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Commission Ignitor Review – CPA Commissions

Let’s kickstart this The Commission Ignitor Review by pointing out that some people will be promoting this via a CPA Affiliate Network.

Whilst others will be a full member of The Super Affiliate Network .biz business opportunity.

Perhaps you have received an email from one of these affiliates promoting it?

the commission ignitor

The CPA affiliates are likely to get paid around $65 for selling the $37 front end product.

The Super Affiliate Network can afford to pay high upfront commissions like that, because they have more expensive product upgrades that they can sell later on to that same customer.

Where as other people whom are promoting The Commission Igniter system will be affiliates of the full sales funnel and thus won’t get the bigger upfront payments but will be able to benefit from the high ticket products on the backend.

The Commission Ignitor – The Checkout

The Commission Ignitor is a unique product name, but it leads to the same Super Affiliate Network business opportunity as many other products with slightly different brandings on the main sales page.

You can tell this by seeing the domain switches to on the checkout page.

The reason they using different product names on the front end to lead back to the same business opportunity on the backend is to freshen up their marketing process.

Some people will have seen the same The Super Affiliate Network sales pages over and over again and will thus become slightly immune to the pitch.

However, presenting the same opportunity with different rebranding on the front end product will make it stand out more.

Some people who initially said no to the same product in the past, may well say yes this time around with the different branding.

Sales Funnel For The Commission Ignitor

The Commission Ignitor system is about much more than just the initial $37 front end product that provides basic online business and internet marketing training.

It is just the entry point to the sales funnel.

After purchase, the customer will go through a number of training steps.

And in order to activate the next step they will first need to book an appointment with a business coach.

This coach is to help guide people through the process, create their business plan, and also to double up as a kind of sales person to present the additional higher ticket products as part of the sales funnel.

The more expensive products provide more advanced training on creating internet marketing sales funnels and generating traffic for list building purposes.

If someone was to purchase all the products as part of the sales funnel it could cost them thousands of dollars.

And that does not include any potential advertising costs on top of that to promote their business.

So to me, it does seem a bit expensive for the typical newbie just looking to learn the basics of how affiliate marketing works.

Summary Of The Commission Ignitor Review

In summary of my The Commission Multiplier Review, this is a new rebranded sales page that funnels customers into The Super Affiliate Network business opportunity on the backend.

When a member, users are assigned a personal business coach to help guide them through a number of steps to gain an education on internet marketing / online business and do develop a business plan.

However, these business coaches are also likely to double up as sales people and they have an incentive to see customers upgrade to more expensive products.

These more expensive products include more personal and advanced training and the ability to use their own internet marketing sales funnels and system for your own marketing.

It is a high ticket business system to it will likely cost several thousand dollars for those that buy all the product upgrades.

And then more money may be needed on advertising on top of them.

I don’t think there is a Commission Ignitor scam as they do provide quite a bit of training and tools to use, but the expensive high ticket nature of all the upgrades is very expensive and will not be for everyone.

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