Commission Shortcuts Review – $1,200 Payments or Scam?

Hiya, it’s my Commission Shortcuts Review – will you get real $1,200 payments or just a Commission Shortcuts Scam?

Commission Shortcuts Review – Blind Sales Pitch

Commissions Shortcuts is a new system that teaches people how to make money online with affiliate marketing.

This is where you promote other people’s products in return for commissions.

In this review of Commission Shortcuts, however, I noticed they do not make it clear that this is the strategy that members will see on the inside after completing checkout for a product sometimes also listed as the Copy Paste Cash system.

Instead, it is another one of those blind sales pitches that keeps things very vague, and uses an anonymous voice over artist / pen name as the “system creator”.

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Commission Shortcuts Review – Scam or Legit?

Commission Shortcuts is an affiliate marketing system that uses an aggressive, hard-selling sales pitch to get new members inside.

In this Commission Shortcuts review, I would say that this does not mean it is a scam just because of the hype in the sales video.

commission shortcuts

Because some hypey sales videos do surprisingly have some interesting tips and strategies that they share on the inside of the product.

But with these types of systems it is usually the people promoting the program for their affiliate commissions that will make the money, rather than customers actually using the product itself!

There is also confusion over the product name, because the checkout cart displayed the item as “Copy Paste Cash” for me.

I have seen other similar videos to bait and switch sales carts to other popular biz opp product called Website ATM. So it is hard to tell specifically what these videos are promoting.

Lots of affiliate marketers whom have big email lists will be sending emails out to try and make sales so that they can earn commissions.

Perhaps you received an email promoting The Commission Shortcuts System?

The hardselling approach to the sales page, along with big income claims, is all designed to pressure visitors to make a purchase right away.

As a result, I am never that keen on these type of systems as the way to get started with your own online business.

Fake Testimonials with Commission Shortcuts?

The Commission Shortcuts testimonials look like they are being delivered by actors.

You can tell this, because the same people appear all over the place in lots of different sales videos for various money making systems and tactics.

Also, the way they speak is not very natural.

It sounds like these “customers” of the Commission Shortcuts system are reading from a script.

They also make big income claims, saying how easy it is to make money with the system.

But in reality, it is not quite as easy as that.

The typical newbie can get good results, but they need to first take the time to learn the methods and put them into action.

It is not the sort of thing where you can expect to make thousands of dollars overnight!

Does Commission Shortcuts Really Work?

Commission Shortcuts provides a system and training to help beginners get started with affiliate marketing.

But they make it sound like you can easily make money as though it is an online job, simply by posting links online.

But there is a bit more to it than that!

Affiliate marketing as a business model does work.

It is what I do!

What worked for me after struggling at this for a few years at first, was to use “done for you” systems where I could focus on learning how to generate traffic on the internet in order to send daily clicks (visitors) into this system.

A good affiliate marketing system will be based around you building your email list so that you can promote high quality products and services to that list over and over again.

This takes time and effort and a dedication to learning the various traffic generation strategies out there.

These are the steps that work for me:

  1. Generate traffic on the internet (via blogging, videos, email marketing etc.)
  2. Build an email list via a squeeze page
  3. Promote high quality affiliate products and service to that email list
  4. Follow-up daily and keep sending clicks back to the sales video presentation of the main offer
  5. Stay consistent and enjoy the process of getting more daily traffic & clicks (sales follow after that)

But these steps do NOT work:

  • Aimlessly placing ads
  • Expecting to get paid per hour
  • Activating a “system” and expecting it to automatically generate cash without doing any work or learning any new skills

The Commission Shortcuts system gives the wrong impression, because it implies that all you need to do is post advertisements online in high quantity, and that if you do that you will earn money almost like an employee.

But affiliate marketing is a business, not a job and there are no guarantees.

Summary Of My Commission Shortcuts Review

Ok, let’s finish off my review of Commission Shortcuts System.

There were quite a few red flags that were raised in my mind when I took a look at the commission shortcuts sales video presentation.

My main concerns are:

  • Unbelievable income claims
  • Fake testimonials
  • High pressure, scarcity sales tactics
  • Lack of transparency with anonymous system creator
  • They make it sound too easy

Not to say that there is a Commission Shortcuts scam, because some people will probably learn a few new strategies for internet marketing that they did not know before.

But for the typical customer, the reality of how this program will work on the inside is unlikely to meet the lofty expectations of generating thousands of dollars that the sales page gave them.

This disconnect often causes high refund rates and people to quit this business without giving it a proper go.

Affiliate marketing is a fun way to generate residual income.

But you need to take the time to learn the most effective traffic generation strategies to apply on a consistent basis in order to build your email list.

With realistic expectations and consistency, things can steadily grow to a profitable business over time.

But it is not the sort of thing where you can click 1 or 2 buttons and post a few links online and be able to rake in the cash!

In any case, I hope my initial thoughts after looking at the Commission Shortcuts system was of help.

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