Copy Paste Cash Review – $1,000 System Scam?

Copy Paste Cash Review – hey, can you really get your first $1,000 online or is it a Copy Paste Cash system scam?

In my review of Copy Paste Cash I will look at the sales page and the tactics they use to try and get you to buy into their program at the website.

We will also talk about the business model used and what you will actually be doing to try and make money online with the Copy Paste Cash system.

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Copy Paste Cash Review – Vague Sales Page

Copy Paste Cash (2020) claims to be able to make you your first $1,000 on the internet.

But when doing my Copy Paste Cash review I noticed that they are extremely vague on the sales page about what tasks you will be doing to actually generate this money.

I am not keen on “blind” sales pages like this.

They use a generic voice over artist to read from a script for the sales video.

Then they use lots of hype and income claims in the presentation.

And finally they invite you to join their program, but do not tell you how it actually works!

Copy Paste Cash Review – The Tactic

Copy Paste Cash is about showing you how to generate an online income with affiliate marketing.

They have training for how to post ads online in order to send visitors to product sales pages via your affiliate link.

If any of these visitors buy the product after clicking on your ad, then you earn a commission.

I am a big fan of the basic affiliate marketing business model as it has the potential to be built into a nice consistent residual income on the internet.

However, it is not the sort of thing any newbie can expect to instantly generate thousands of dollars with right away.

It takes time and effort to build up your website traffic over time.

Copy Paste Cash Testimonials – Fake or Real?

Copy Paste Cash “customer” testimonials are shown on the sales page.

But I have seen these exact same people appear in lots of other similar product sales videos!

It does look like they are freelance actors and voice over artists that have been hired to read from a script for the purposes of these online business opportunity sales pitches.

When a program uses real reviews then the footage is much more naturally delivered in a more improvised way.

Also, the results tend to be more realistic with real customer feedback.

Plus, they do not use fancy green screen backgrounds when recording the videos! Instead it is more often grainy smartphone footage shot on the fly.

I am also not keen on testimonials that make big income claims.

Just because one or two members generated big commissions with the system, does not mean that you will as well.

It gives unrealistic expectations and will cause many beginners to quit and ask for a refund when they are not getting the same $1,000+ checks that are shown on the sales page.

Sales Tactics used with Copy Paste Cash

In my review of Copy Paste Cash for 2020 I first talked about the vagueness of the sales pitch.

By not revealing the strategies used to make the money, they make you want to buy the product just to discover the “secret” on the inside.

But in reality it is not going to be a “secret” or “loophole”, but simply some basic affiliate marketing strategies about posting advertisements on the internet.

They also use a countdown timer on the checkout page that counts down very quickly.

This is try to rush people through the checkout process to try and complete sale right away.

However, with most of these business opportunity sales pages I see, when the countdown timer expires you can usually still get access at the same price.

It appears that these tricks are a bit of fake scarcity to try and get you to make the purchase right away.

Also with the big income claims and hyped-up testimonials it gives the wrong impression about what results a newbie can expect to achieve.

As a result, many people will quit and ask for a refund right away when they realize that work is actually required as part of the training in the members area.

Copy Paste Cash Review – Scam or Legit?

Not sure about a Copy Paste Cash scam, because if you get to learn how to generate website traffic and promote affiliate offers by placing advertisements online then you may feel you have learned something useful and it is worth the $37 or $47 price.

However, most people are not going to make the kinds of income described in the sales page.

And whilst I think affiliate marketing is a great way to get started in the online business world, a program that uses hyped-up fake testimonials and huge income claims is not the best introduction to the industry in my option.

In any case, I hope my thoughts in this Copy Paste Cash review were of help to you as you conduct your research.

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