Digital Formula Review – $2,254/day Scam?

Hey, my review of Digital Formula sees if there is a scam or if it’s a real 2K/Day bitcoin system?

As part of this Digital Formula review I will look at the sales video and the hardselling tactics they use on the Digital Formula .co website to try and get you to buy their system.

I work from home as a full-time digital marketer (is a cool, flexible way to get residual income coming in!) so I have seen quite a few of these “make money” offers come and go over the years.

I hope my thoughts on this particular offering will therefore be of help!

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Digital Formula Review

Digital Formula is a Clickbank product in the Business & Investing section of that marketplace.

The sales video presentation is found at and it has quite a hard-selling approach to try and get you to buy the system.

The product is supposed to teach you how to start investing & trading with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

This makes a change from the other affiliate marketing and ecommerce style product launches such as Profit Point Autonomy that make up most of the websites I tend to look it.

Bitcoin and crypto in general is a very exciting industry that is well worth learning about, but I don’t think a hyped-up Clickbank product like Digital Formula is the best way for beginners to learn about it.

I will explain why in this blog post.

Is Digital Formula A Scam?

Not sure about a Digital Formula scam, because the price of the system is only $17.

So if for that low amount you feel you get a good understanding of the basics of the bitcoin technology and how to invest in it for the long term, then you may well feel that it is worth the money.

And for those that think it is a scam, then there is a 60 day refund policy as part of it.

digital formula

But the Digital Formula testimonials do not look real to me and some quite hyped-up claims of income are made which makes me feel this is not the best way for most newbies to learn about bitcoin.

The review videos look like they are paid freelancers from sites such as where they are given a script to read from.

The delivery of the testimonial videos looks very unnatural, too professionally shot with HD staging, and they also make unrealistic claims of income.

I have also seen the same freelancers pop up all over the place with other product launches on Clickbank and elsewhere such as with My Home Cash Club and similar programs.

Surely they can’t be paying customers, generating thousands of dollars with each of those other systems as well!

What Do You Get With the Digital Formula .Co System? sells their front end $17 product as a PDF Ebook that you download to your computer.

It appears that this is simple basic education on the world of bitcoin and crypto investing, designed for the complete beginner.

There is a slight disconnect with the sales video their as they do make it sound like it is a “software app” or a “system” that you click a few buttons of to start making money with.

But in reality, it is an educational product in eBook download form.

There are also additional upsells as part of the Digital Formula software sales funnel.

This includes more advanced training costing around $97 to $197 to learn more about other aspects of this industry such as airdrops and forked tokens as well as trading strategies.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Profits with Digital Formula?

Bitcoin and crypto is an exciting industry that I believe has a ton of exciting potential for the future.

I am just not sure that the best way to learn about it is with Digital Formula.

Many people have already made huge profits by investing in bitcoin early, and some analysts out there seem to think there is still much room for growth as institutional investors start showing an interest in this new asset class.

So I definitely think that this technology and investment opportunity is well worth learning about.

The ability to speculate on various coins and tokens for big short term gains via trading, or as a more high risk addition to a retirement portfolio, sounds a very appealing prospect that warrants further research.

However, going into it expecting to make $2K/Day with a $17 Digital Formula eBook is probably not the best introduction to things!

Generating an additional side income online with you own business or affiliate marketing venture may well make a more realistic way for people to get extra cash coming in that they can use part of that to speculate and grow in the future with the crypto markets.

Summary of Digital Formula Review

In summary of my review of Digital Formula, whilst it may not be a scam I don’t think it is a particularly good way to get started with cryptocurrency trading.

The sales page at the invite page is very hypey and gives unrealistic expectations of what can be achieved.

The testimonials also look fake and the general “push button system” approach of presenting this product provides a big disconnect with just a simple educational PDF Ebook download being the actual product.

I am a big believer in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency market as a whole and think there is excellent potential there.

I just don’t think a hardselling Clickbank product launch like this is the best way to learn about it!

In any case, I hope you got some value with my opinions on Digital Formula!

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