Digital Lead Investing by Growth Gave (What Is It?)

Growth Cave’s Digital Lead Investing taps into one of the fastest growing industries right now: lead generation.

It is all about the use of different social media platforms (primarily Facebook in this case) to market different products to reach a wider audience.

It has become very popular for people getting started in entrepreneurship; that’s why Digital Lead Investing has taken off. The Growth Cave courses are leading the way with this focus on modern day Digital Lead Investing strategies.

Here in this post, we will talk about Digital Lead Investing with Lucas Lee Tyson at Growth Cave, and what it is all about.

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What Is Digital Lead Investing?

Digital Lead Investing means online lead generation. Lucas Lee Tyson at Growth Cave teaches this.

Now, suppose you haven’t heard the term yet. In that case, this refers to the act of marketing, whether inbound or outbound, in order to reach a wider audience on the internet, generate leads, and generate more customers.

In the case of the Growth Cave course, you are taught how to run Facebook Advertising campaigns to generate leads for local businesses. You are learning to geographical target these ads.

And then when you have mastered the art of local business lead generation and got your acquisition costs at a low price, you can approach business owners and get them to hire you as their digital marketing agency.

Now, the question is, how can we achieve these results with Digital Lead Investing to such a level that you can get hired by these business owners? It is through The Growth Cave Course.

Growth Cave’s Lucas Tyson

I know we are all familiar with the famous quote, “nobody got rich in working 8 hours’ job” and this is what Lucas Lee Tyson, who is the brains behind Growth Cave, had already realized starting at the age of 15. He had discovered a big opportunity to work in the digital marketing industry, and with his ambition, he had significantly taken a risk.

With the internship he had in Google and Facebook, as well as the learning he did with YouTube, he quit his regular job and started Growth Cave aiming to help businesses get their clients with the use of advertisements on social media platforms.

Digital Lead Investing Review

Digital Lead Investing reviews are impressed at how clients are able to benefit from the experience of Lucas Lee Tyson to quickly put together a profitable business model, knowing they have the lead generation side of things covered.

Furthermore, he’ll help you to localize your marketing strategies which is perfect for less competition than generic advertising. It also means you can become your own digital marketing agency and get hired for large sums of money by local business owners. I also highlighted the positives of focusing on lesser known methods in my Remote Integrator post as well.

Disadvantages Of Growth Cave’s Digital Lead Investing

Now, the drawback to mention in this Growth Cave Digital Lead Investing review is its price. It’s a little high and so is likely to be for higher level entrepreneurs. Secondly, social media paid marketing can be very expensive nowadays so it will take quite a bit of testing and tracking to get right.

In order to be able to get hired for your marketing skills, you are going to need to get your lead acquisition cost down to a low level and also have high quality leads that actually convert into sales for your clients.

Other Cool Digital Lead Investing Strategies

Digital Lead Investing strategies can be taken to the next level by combining free traffic with search engine optimization (SEO) with the paid Facebook advertising methods taught in the Growth Cave system.

It would be an improvement to this course to have more on generating traffic for free with your own websites.

A good idea is to search GoDaddy Auctions for expiring domains that were previously owned by local businesses.

There are always some good, keyword targeted domains names expiring and available to register at a low cost.

These domains are likely to already have backlinks, a level of existing authority with the search engines, and also some potential recent rankings and traffic.

You can then quickly rebuild and repopulate your website with content and get those rankings back. This is a much faster approach than registering a brand new domain name from scratch.

So when you combine the paid marketing skills learnt in Digital Lead Investing with your own websites ranking in the search engines for local business keywords, then you are really the complete package as a digital marketing expert and in an excellent position to take your services to clients and ask for high retainer fees as a result.

Digital Lead Investing (Growth Cave Review) Summary

Growth Cave’s Digital Lead Investing does seem to be a pretty detailed course for those looking to deep dive into the world of online lead generation, with a specific focus on local marketing and social media advertising.

It is different to what many other approaches teach with generic internet marketing training.

Whatever online course you give a go, it is a good idea to learn digital marketing techniques based around online traffic generation, list building, lead generation, and conversion strategies to make the most sales possible with your incoming leads.

When it all fits together, really exciting things can happen.

This is what I focus on in my business: lead generation.

It is all about doing simple, evergreen marketing methods to generate website traffic to proven lead capture pages where I am registering leads and building an email list.

I combine daily blogging, video marketing, and paid email advertising to generate new subscribers to my list each and every day.

Then when you have a big email list you can promote any products or services at any time of your choosing, simple by sending out a broadcast message.

You can learn more about how to do this for yourself here: my no1 online biz system right now


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