Domain Heist Review – Secret $2,000 Loophole?

Hey, welcome to this Domain Heist Review – is there really a secret $2,000 money making with this system or is it a Domain Heist Scam?

This review of Domain Heist will look at sales page for the Clickbank product, the testimonials, and the method used to generate profit with this system.

I work from home as a full-time digital marketer so hopefully my opinions on this new launch will help you do your research.

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Domain Heist Review – The Red Flags

Domain Heist is a product that teaches members how to make money by buying expired domain names, uploading content to them, and ranking them in the search engines in order to promote affiliate products.

Here are some red flags that jumped out for the sales page for me:

  • Hypey $2,000 income claim and big claims in video give unrealistic expectations
  • Customer testimoniadls for Domain Heist look they are being read by paid actors
  • Anonymous voice over artist delivering the presentation, lack of transparency
  • Hard selling sales page

domain heist

Domain Heist – What I like the look of

As part of this review of Domain Heist there were are few things about this that I quite liked the look of:

  1. Explains the method used, with screenshot examples at end of video presentation
  2. A unique money making method, different from many recent Clickbank launches
  3. Cheap $9 entry level

How Is The Money Made in Domain Heist?

OK, so what is the strategy used to actually make the money?

It follows this basic process.

First of all you are shown how to find previously registered domain names that have now expired so you can buy them from an auction site and benefit from the previous authority and domain age of the digital asset.

Then you are shown how to populate your new domain with content such as blog posts and videos.

Then teaching is given on how to use Search Engine Optimimzation (SEO) techniques to rank the website in the search engines.

With the traffic you get from the search engines the aim is to get these visitors to click links on your website to visit the sales page of a vendor.

If your visitor makes a purchase from the vendor website then you are credited with the sale.

This is known as affiliate marketing.

Domain Heist Review Summary – Scam or Legit?

I don’t think Domain Heist is a scam, but there are a few things I am not sure about and that is the big income claims and paid-actor customer testimonials.

This level of hype gives unrealistic expectations about what can be expected with this program.

However, I do like the stategy used which is to teach members how to build niche websites by leveraged expired domain names, SEO, and affiliate marketing strategies.

For the low $9 price point, the member is likely to learn a few useful things for their money.

Anyhow, thank you for stopping by this blog post.

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