Done For You Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel (2020)

Hey! What is the best “Done For You” affiliate marketing sales funnel (2020) to plug-in to right now? I dive into it on this page!

This post will chat about what top “done for you” affiliate marketing sales funnel systems should look like in 2020 to make the most out of the marketing that you do.

It is great news that you are aware enough about the industry to realise that sales funnels are the way to go in order to generate consistent income online.

So hopefully my additional thoughts on this will be of help to get you started.

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Done For You Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel

Done For You affiliate marketing sales funnels (2019) should ideally have the following key ingredients in order to make them work effectively.

When I mean “done for you” affiliate sales funnel I mean that the pages and technical aspects have already been taken care of.

So this is not so much about using software website builders to create your own sales process, but to have it already done for you. That way you only have to drive the traffic.

I earn a full-time income online and it was the process of focusing 100% on just sending daily traffic into a “done for you” system that took me from struggling to earning a full-time income at home.

Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel #1 – Lead Capture Page

A lead capture page (also known as a squeeze page) is the first page of a successful affiliate sales funnel.

The entire focus of your business should be based around sending traffic to this page.

It is where the visitor enters in their email address in order to discover what the solution to their problem is, which is the sales video presentation of your offer that they will be redirected to.

Some sales funnels start with offering a free gift.

But I am not a fan of free gifts. Instead I simply put the same (or very similar) heading as the affiliate product sales page that I am promoting onto the squeeze page.

That way it is more congruent in transferring the visitor from the lead capture page to the page where they are invited to spend money. The whole free gift download process just gets in the way.

I find simple, short pages that only ask for the visitor email address work well. So just a headline, a sub headline, and the email submit form.

Videos and asking for their full name and telephone number adds distraction and can reduce conversion rate.

#2 – The Sales Page

The sales page can either be for your own product, affiliate offer, or business opportunity that you are promoting.

I like to promote sales video presentations for affiliate offers as they tend to convert into sales pretty well.

A low priced entry level product works well. Often around $17 to $47 or so.

It can also be a good idea to try out products that offer a low cost $1 or $7 trial to start with. That makes it easier for people to make the initial purchasing decision and thus you can get more customers through the sales funnel sequence.

#3 – Backend Upsell Sequence

As part of an efficient “done for you” affiliate marketing sales funnel there are backend upsells that are presented to the customer of your front end product.

These are optional upgrades that give them more advanced information or additional training/tools that can help them achieve their goals more easily and quickly.

The initial backend upsell sequence price levels of around $47 to $197 tend to work quite well for internet marketing related products.

This way you can make good money per customer that you bring through and raise your earnings per click (EPC) even if you are just promoting an initial low cost offer

And if you are just promoting a $1 trial you can still get some upfront cash coming in from the upsells even without having to wait for the recurring billing to kick in.

#4 Follow-Up Email Sequence

Not everyone that comes through your sales funnel will buy the product at the first exposure.

So it is important to have automated emails going out on a daily basis to your email leads that encourages them to revisit the sales page over and over again until they make a purchase (or unsubscribe).

These will be simple emails that highlight a specific advantage of your product, and then have a simple call to action to click through to the sales page.

The aim in your marketing is simply to get as many clicks (both first time and returning visitors) to your sales video presentation and the email follow up sequence helps get more eyeballs onto your video on a consistent basis.

Done For You Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel – The TRAFFIC!

Finally, a word on traffic to help you promote your “done for you” sales funnel for you affiliate marketing campaigns.

When you have activated a sales funnel system then all you have to focus on next is simply sending traffic to your lead capture page on a daily basis.

And that should be the main focus in your online business: driving traffic.

There are 2 types of traffic: free and paid.

Free traffic in the form of content marketing with blog posts, YouTube videos, and social media posts is the highest quality and will get the highest sales conversion rate.

This is because there is trust, relationship, and authority if someone has gotten value from your content first before clicking through to the offer.

Paid traffic is easier and quicker to get, but the sales conversions are much lower. But it is easier to scale up when working.

To make up for the lower paid traffic conversions it is a good idea to get people to read your blog posts and watch your videos, add you on social media etc. as part of your email follow-up sequence.

Summary Of Done For You Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel

Anyhow, I hope this post on what to look for in a “done for you” affiliate marketing sales funnel (2019) was of help to you!

There are more complex parts of funnels such as webinar sequences and high ticket backed purchases with over the phone sales and follow-up etc.

But I think keeping it simple to start with is better just so you have something setup and running.

So if all you do with your online business is 1) to activate a “done for you” affiliate sales funnel and 2) to focus on driving traffic into that sales funnel, then you are in great shape!

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