Done For You Internet Marketing Sales Funnel (2020)

Hey, what’s the best Done For You internet marketing sales funnel (2020) to duplicate? Let’s see in this blog!

A done for you internet marketing sales funnel can help get your online business off the ground nice and quickly.

I will quickly go over the main things to look out for in such a system in this post.

I work from home as a full-time internet marketer and driving traffic into sales funnels is a big part of my daily income producing activities.

Hopefully the thoughts from my years of experience in the internet marketing industry will help you out.

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Done For You Internet Marketing Sales Funnel

A done for you internet marketing sales funnel is a cool way for someone to kickstart their online business.

Since the technical aspect of the funnel is already setup, you simply need to focus on driving the traffic into it.

done for you internet marketing sales funnel

Done For You internet marketing sales funnels (2020) should contain the following main pages in order to make it function effectively.

#1 – Internet Marketing Sales Funnel Lead Capture Page

The entry point to a top internet marketing sales funnel is a lead capture page, also known as a squeeze page.

If you focus your mind on driving traffic to this lead capture page on a consistent basis then you are on track for building a successful online business.

The aim of the squeeze page is to provide a simple, eye catching heading and subheading talking about your recommended product or service that helps solve a problem.

And then in order for the visitor to discover what this product or service is all about, they need to enter in their email address.

This way you are building your email list and can follow-up with your leads if they did not purchase your product at the very first viewing.

#2 – Internet Marketing Sales Page

The sales page for a done for you internet marketing system is often the video presentation of the affiliate product that you are promoting.

I prefer to promote “low ticket” products on the front end to boost initial sales conversion rates and to get as many people going through your backend sales funnel process as possible.

I also like to promote affiliate programs that have a $1 trial and then a residual monthly subscription kicks in after 7 or 14 days so you can build up recurring affiliate commissions in 2020.

#3 – OTO and Upsell Offers

An effective done for you internet marketing sales funnel will present additional products for your customer to purchase immediately after completing the checkout process for the initial front end product.

As part of an efficient “done for you” affiliate marketing sales funnel there are backend upsells that are presented to the customer of your front end product.

This helps improves your average lifetime customer value and means you could be able to afford to spend more on advertising in order to acquire a new buyer.

Many sales funnel systems actually make more money from the backend OTO and upsell sequence that they do on the initial product sale.

#4 Automated Email Autoresponder Followup

It is important to follow-up with the leads that did not buy the product at the very first time of going through the first stage of your done for you marketing sales funnel and seeing the video presentation.

You can get email swipes from many done for you systems that will automatically drip feed a daily email (using Aweber, Getresponse, Sendlane etc.) out to your leads to keep sending them back to the sales video presentation.

This way you can capture more sales in the follow-up that you may have otherwise lost.

Getting Traffic To Your Done For You Internet Marketing Sales Funnel

What makes a done for you marketing sales funnel “work” is the ability of the individual marketer to send consistent, high quality traffic to the lead capture page.

So whilst the technical setup is likely to be mostly done for you in such a service, it does leave you to still provide the traffic and generate your own leads.

A good strategy is to combine a variety of free and paid online advertising strategies.

For free traffic, starting your own blog and YouTube channel is a great start. Post regular keyword targeted content to these platforms and over time you can build up a nice stream of free daily visitors.

Then have links within your blog posts and in the description of your videos that redirect visitors to the front end of your done for you internet marketing system: the squeeze page.

A popular paid traffic method in the internet marketing world is solo ads.

This is email traffic that other newsletter owners can send you from their existing audience.

It is quick and easy to get these type of leads, but they are “cold” since they do not know who you are you will need to get through more of these subscribers before you get sales conversions compared to “warmer” free traffic that you get from your own content.

Summary Of Done For You Internet Marketing Sales Funnel Tips

I hope my blog post about “done for you” internet marketing sales funnels (2020) got some creative ideas going around your mind!

A good place to start for beginners is with a funnel designed to promote affiliate products that enable you to build your email list in the process.

That way you can follow-up with leads about that same initial product, and also product additional affiliate offers and product launches in the future.

No matter which internet marketing sales funnel you decide to use or create for yourself, if you focus your business activities around driving high quality traffic (visitors) to the lead capture page then you are on the right track.

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