Done For You Online Business (2020) System – Scam Spotting

A Done For You Online Business System in 2020 can shortcut progress. But also look out for online business system scams.

In this blog post about Done For You Online Business Systems (2020) I will use my own personal experience in the internet marketing world over the last 8 years to let you know the main things to look out for in such a service.

Online business system scams are out there as well, making outlandish income claims etc.

So I will also go over how to spot the done for you online business scams as you do your own research.

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Done For You Online Business System 2020 – Scams?

Done For You Online Business System scams in 2020 are the really hyped-up sales pages that claim they have a money making website for you that is already making $500 per day.

done for you online business system

And then all you have to do to activate your $500 Per Day website is to pay them $47 and they will send the commissions to your account!

That is obviously a scam, because no-one is going to let you have a website that generates $500/day for just $47!

Also, many of the scams will use fake actors giving fake testimonials as part of the sales video.

You can tell that those particular reviews are fake because they are clearly reading from a script, are making crazy high income claims, and they often have some green screen background image as well.

High Ticket Done For You Online Business System Scams?

Whilst having a high ticket product ($500 to $1,000 or so) to sell as part of your online business can be very profitable, many of the done for you online business services take things way too far and try to get beginners to part with $20,000+ just to get started.

An online business is something you should enjoy learning about and steadily improving with over time.

You should be relaxed, patient, and prepared to go through an initial period of trial/error before expecting significant results to come through.

So parting with tens of thousands of dollars upfront is a bad idea as then you are desperately trying to recoup that money and it can do more harm than good to a typical newbie to the industry.

The Key Things To Get In An Online Business System

Done For You online business systems can be a good way to get started for a newbie.

Here are some things to look out for:

  • Customize and Evergreen – You want the training and systems you get with an online business to be applicable to promoting ANYTHING online, and not just reselling the offer you just purchased.
  • List Building – With an internet marketing business the most powerful activity you can focus on is building your email list. That way you can promote new products when they come out simply by sending out emails to your existing audience.
  • Sales Funnel Creation – It is good to have an online sales funnel ready to plug-in to. This should include lead capture pages, bridge pages, sales video presentations, email follow-up sequences, and a backend upsell process.
  • Traffic Generation Training – The ability to effectively advertise online and generate consistent leads is what gets results in the online business world, and not just which particular done for you marketing system you happen to be using. So take the time to learn different lead generation strategies and discover which ones make the best fit for you. Blogging, video marketing, and email solo ads are good strategies to look at first.

Summary About a Done For You Online Business in 2020

In summary about this blog post on done for you online systems, it is a good idea to have the technical aspects of a system taken care of for you.

That way you can focus on just sending traffic into the system and building your email list.

Avoid programs that have fake testimonials, huge income claims, and the offerings that say that your website is already making money etc.

Approach it with a realistic, long term view and don’t be pressurized into parting with thousands of dollars upfront.

I hope my thoughts on the online business world was of help to you!

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It is a fun, evergreen approach to internet marketing.

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