Dow Janes Review (Million Dollar Year For You?)

Dow Janes (and the Million Dollar Year Course) was created by Laurie Ann and Britt to empower women to take control of their finances and overall net worth.

Today, the financial sector is primarily composed of men. But Dow Janes is a company that was created to serve as the exact contrary: entertaining, feminine, and powerful.

The DowJanes Investing Class is a really cool twist to world of online financial courses primarily aimed at men.

It is all about taking your financial future into your own hands with unique tips and strategies on saving and investing.

It is important to point out that DowJanes does not make specific stock recommendations or tell you to invest in certain assets. It is more about overall education and empowerment so that you have the knowledge and skills to make these decisions for yourself and better manage your finances going forward.

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In this Dow Janes review post, I will go over the critical things you need to know about the Million Dollar Year, its possible consequences, and the legitimacy of the program and if it can help you with your finances.

What Is The Million Dollar Year?

The Million Dollar Year from Dow Janes is a project aiming to assist every woman in achieving financial independence. Regardless of their present financial situation, they think that every woman can develop it and would be delighted to assist them.

The program will not teach you how to earn a million within a single year (but still, anything could happen!), but the year you invest within the program could define your investment and financial future.

And it would not be shocking to get some great results in your life if you followed their advice.

Again, the Dow Janes Million Dollar Year course is not telling you to go out and buy specific stocks or shares at specific times….but to enable you to be able to make your own decisions to build your own wealth over time.

It is about getting the knowledge to take matters into your own hands and be in a great position to build your portfolio no matter what the current market conditions.

Is Dow Janes Legit?

Yes, Dow Janes is a legitimate company that provides in-depth financial education courses for women.

They build trust by putting out excellent content on their various social media platforms including YouTube and Instagram with the DowJanes Financial Education profile.

Their Million Dollar Year program aims to develop the mentality, attitudes, and behaviors necessary to improve a woman’s finances within a year.

The objectives of the founder are not a “get rich fast” scheme; This is a “become rich slowly” scheme. They are committed to measuring consistent development that yields substantial, long-lasting outcomes over time.

By participating in Million Dollar Year, you will already have established strong financial stability that could last a lifetime.

Again, the program won’t teach you how to earn a million dollars in a single year, but the year you have spent with the program will be a defining moment in the future of your financials.

Dow Janes Review – What’s In The Million Dollar Year?

The Dow Janes Million Dollar Year Program is an intensive course for woman’s financial improvement. It contains the following components:

  • Access to the Twelve-Step Flagship Program
  • Weekly Question-and-Answer Sessions with reliable Financial Coaches
  • Text Or email Accountability Every Week
  • Access to learning Videos, Textbooks, Spreadsheets, and Forms that have been prepared
  • Online Network of Individuals

Dow Janes is so much more that just a webinar or the main DowJanes investing class. It is the community aspect of it that really makes it stand out from other similar offerings online.

Most investment webinars and training classes focus on just giving out the information and then send you on your merry way to figure out how to implement it for yourself. But at The Million Dollar Year you have ongoing accountability from the coaches and a community to tap into in order to keep you motivated and on-track, and also with the support should you have any questions or become confused about something.

Dow Janes Cost

The DowJanes cost is fairly pricey at nearly $2,000.

This high ticket Dow Janes price point could be too expensive for some people. Another thing is, that the return policy means that clients must demonstrate that they followed the program’s instructions rather than it being a no questions asked situation.

However, The Million Dollar Year investing class and webinar is aimed at women all are already successful in their careers and want to take things to the next level with their own individual investing and wealth building strategies. Therefore the type of customer that the DowJanes investing class appeals to is likely to have the funds available to invest into a high level program like this.

DowJanes Review Summary

The Dow Janes Million Dollar Year program is authentic. They aim to help you in becoming debt-free and working towards achieving your very first million. It is also likely to be possible to achieve a more productive mentality from this training course.

Investing is a lucrative side job, but it takes initial funds to get started. Whilst The Million Dollar Year is not going to be for everyone, those who are already doing well in their current jobs and have expendable funds and income to put towards growing their wealth over time….then The Million Dollar Year course is likely to make a good fit for them.

I think it is a really good idea to learn how to build ongoing residual income using the internet, in addition to any investment strategies you may be implementing.

That will mean you will not have to panic if there is a big downturn in the economy or overall markets. Because if you have residual income with your own business you can wait out the hard times and save up cash to buy up more of your favorite investments at much lower prices.

Therefore combining an internet based business with long-term investment methods can be a real winning strategy.

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