Easiest System Ever – Is It Legit? (My Review)

Easiest System Ever is the re-branding of a product that was called the 12 Minute Affiliate.

It was a popular product on the Clickbank marketplace. They seem to have rebranded themselves to the new product name called Easiest System Ever.

I am going to do a quick review of Easiest System Ever and what it’s all about.

This information is taken from my own experience working from home doing digital marketing for the last 10 years.

Hopefully my opinions will be of help to you.

What I do for a full-time income is really cool. It’s all about list building, generating traffic and promoting offers for commissions.

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Easiest System Ever Review

Let’s start this Easiest System Ever review by looking at the sales process.

The website homepage is a webinar where Devon Brown will guide you through the entire step-by-step process of building your own digital marketing business.

It is all about getting leads on the internet, building your email list and promoting offers in return for commissions.

The Easiest System Ever Webinar basically just goes through how everything works and then at the end you’ll be invited to join via trial offer.

The product is sold on the Clickbank platform. it’s been on there quite a while – they’re just changing the name of it.

What the system does is that it basically gives you leads capture pages (squeeze pages) followed by bridge pages, and then you’re promoting affiliate offers on Clickbank with these funnels.

You can also customize the funnel to promote other affiliate offers of your choosing.

I do really like the approach because it’s similar to what I do in terms of driving traffic to lead capture pages, building an email list and promoting offers to that email list.

They’ve also got a really good community and Facebook group where there’s ongoing webinars and training, where people are sharing their results.

I also mention this community aspect with programs such as Dow Janes, Digital Lead Investing, Remote Integrator Academy, EcomBabes, Jeff Baxter Marketing and more.

Easiest System Ever Review – “Done For You” Pages

Easiest System Ever provides legit “done for you” squeeze pages where you will drive traffic to using the traffic resources in the back office.

People will enter in their email address they’ll be added to your email list that you’ll be building.

Then they are re-directed to a bridge page which they’ll click to go onto the sales page of your affiliate offer.

That bridge page is also called a presell page. It helps warm up the leads you’re getting so they are more enticed more excited about buying something when they do finally land on the affiliate offer sales page.

It is up to you whether to go via these bridge pages or just to go via the affiliate offer directly. You can choose the front-end pages and customize it in the back office.

Buying Solo Ads With Easiest System Ever

The main traffic generation approach in Easiest System Ever by Devon Brown is “done for you” solo ads.

You just click the done for you traffic option and then you can buy traffic from them. This is solo ads email traffic that sends clicks to your affiliate capture pages where you’ll build your email list.

Lots of these products in the make money online space are based around buying solo ads to build your email list. That’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to get started for a beginner is to buy traffic and you’ll get quick leads coming in, but the harder bit is to convert that traffic into sales.

You need to be quite aggressive with your email marketing and send lots of broadcast emails in addition to the automated email newsletter sequence that goes out for you.

You also need to try and build a relationship with your list and stand out from the crowd, because lots of people will be sending out solo ads and emailing these leads.

There’s a couple of techniques and clever twists you need to do to make solo ads work for you because it is quite competitive with lots of other people all buying that same sort of traffic.

With this whole approach it’s all about focusing on getting leads and building your email list without worrying about sales too much from the start.

You just need to get your email list to a certain size where you can generate around 30 clicks a day to a sales page of your choosing.

When you’re getting consistent 30 clicks a day, you should be getting a couple of sales a week of whatever you’re promoting and then you can get some traction.

But in the first place you might have to build an email list of a thousand leads before you’ve got enough clicks to generate to get enough traffic to sales pages to get results.

It’s about enjoying the process and having realistic expectations.

That is one of the things I do like about Easiest System Ever is it’s not crazy outlandish income claim like with systems such as Click Earners, Click Into Wealth, The Last System, Paid To Tap and Social DM. They are honest about the long-term approach to building your email list and making it profitable.

How To Improve The Easiest System Ever

What I would also recommend, is to do free advertising in the form of blog posts on your own website and also Youtube videos and other free social media advertising methods.

That type of free traffic will convert into sales much better than solo ads traffic. It is just harder to get and slower to get.

I do recommend buying traffic on a regular basis and having an ad budget, but I also recommend diving into lots of social media platforms and see which works the best for you because the free traffic will convert better into sales.

And with free traffic you are going to stand you out from the competition because you’re going to get more untapped traffic, rather than just the same traffic everyone else is buying from the same vendors.

To finish my Easiest System Ever review, if I was to improve this system I would have more in-depth training on free traffic generation strategies such as blogging, video marketing and social media marketing. That would really complete the overall system.

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